Giant Leap review

Somewhere in space something has gone terribly wrong. I am not talking about how bad Giant Leap is, or that the developer hasn’t even got around to giving the Hero a better name than Hero. I am talking about the fact that I am reviewing Giant Leap instead of Justin Grubbs. Somehow I got one of the cruddiest games of the month.

In Giant Leap you control Hero by tapping where you want his spindly legs to go. img_0987You also tap where you want him to shoot. The aliens tend to swarm, and attack in the same spot that Hero occupies thus making close encounters very strange. Other than that the controls work moderately well.
The AI of the aliens is not there. The aliens only move directly towards you, and if some barrier is in the way they won’t go around it. The aim of the levels is to find the exit to the next. You are stuck running around some of the ugliest graphics ever made. The spaceships even has hole in the walls into space, and sadly I can’t steer Hero out into space.

img_0986The App Store blurb talks about “unparalleled gameplay experience” even for the iPad. I think there should be a disclaimer stating that this will probably make you nauseous on an iPad.
The gripping story is told in texts between the levels, and as there is a pause to read them the game becomes like syrup when you want to retry a level. The level structure screen is so bad as well, and not giving any sense of urgency at all.


Boring gameplay, the ugliest graphics for the iPhone ever, boring level design, non-existent AI, aimless running around without a map. Even as a free game this wouldn’t be worth your time. Avoid, take a giant leap above it…and stomp it.

Final Rating


Giant Leap $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Tom Harvey

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    lol i like this review!!!

  • Ben Briggs

    To say nothing of the in-app purchases! Great review.