G.I. Joyride review

G.I. Joyride, from Trapdoor, is a game that puts you in control of an armored troop carrier, with just one aim… to steam-roll your way through goose-stepping Nazi’s.

On booting up the game you are presented with suitably wartime-style swing music and, as with all war games of this era, the dirtied up dossier menu system. A quick tap of start and you’re off. The level starts with you landing on the beach, and you must immediately step on the gas by touching the right side of the screen. Stay stationary too long and you’ll be targeted and blown to smithereens, so it’s a good idea to get a move on. You’ll gain momentum pretty quickly, and from then on it’s a case of keeping your ATC level over jumps and bumps via tilt. Tilt your iPhone right to lower the front and left to raise it up, or wheelie. 

screen02That’s all there is to it really, just sit back and enjoy knocking over Nazi’s. If you get shot too many times or a bomber lands a strike on you, then it’s game over… but until that happens the level is endless. I’m guessing the engine pulls up random sections of pre built levels and stitches them together.

After your game is over you are given a rating with a comedy description of what happens when your men are caught. Once back in the main menu you can visit the stats menu to view your kills, medals earned and how much distance you covered. As well as stats you can view your records, such as Best Wheelie, biggest airtime and best flip combos.


Presentation and graphics

The first thing that surprised me was how good the graphics were, with detailed 3D terrain and textures. Having said that, the Nazi soldiers are small, and your viewpoint is on a fixed camera, so on closer inspection it’s probably not as detailed. The framerate can take a bit of a beating at times, but there are options to tone it down, such as sky and detail. Overall though it’s a goodlooking game.




The music is good, if a little over looped… but the star of the show are the Wilhelm-esque screams from the mown down Nazi’s.



It’s fun to begin with but after a few plays it gets tedious. You just don’t feel that involved. Add a gun to the mix and make this a shooter too, and things would get a lot more interesting.



The levels stretch on for as long as you can stay alive, and there are various stats to check out… but as I mentioned in the gameplay rating, there’s not really enough to keep you coming back for more.


Final rating

This game is hard to rate, on the one hand it is fun and highly amusing, albeit for a short time. It also looks and sounds great. But I think as an overall package it’s lacking, especially in the play department. I hope the developer puts the tech to better use, as I think this engine and play style would work great as a metal slug style shooter. Right now, at $2.99 you are getting a lot of brawn for your buck, but not enough brain!

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