GeoWars review

GeoWars is a strategy game based on the dice wars formula. You have control of a number of territories, and strive for total domination. Each territory produce new units, shown as numbers, each turn. The more territories the more units you have to attack with. It is turn based, and that pace suits the iPhone format quite well.

GeoWars introduces the use of localisation, and thus lets you wage war in your own hometown. It uses Google maps, and you can choose to play on map view, satellite picture view or a hybrid of the two. I found it really cool to get to play with my own small Swedish town, and zoom around the world fighting through the suburbs of London.

img_0514Sadly that is all GeoWars has going for it, and to me it all becomes a bit gimmicky. The gameplay gets tired really quickly because of interpretations of the dice wars rules that I think totally deteriorates the game. If you attack an enemy who has 12 units with 12 of your own you might loose that battle which is easy to understand. But if you loose you end up with 1 unit while the enemy might still have 11. Ok, fair enough you might think, it is risky attacking. On the other hand you will be totally overrun the next turn when you have 1 unit versus 11. This is the main problem to me, as the game just keep flowing back and forth. If you attack in an aggressive manner, and manage to capture a whole bunch of territories those newly captured will be weak, and the enemy can take them back the following turn.

There is no way of choosing where your reinforcements are placed meaning that the majority of your army are far away from battle. The strategic element is totally missing, and I can’t see anyone enjoying this game as a strategic game at all. There are a whole lot of settings to control AI behaviour, army sizes and number of territories. Still it all boils down to GeoWars not being a fun game, and I have enjoyed other dice wars games such as Strategery before so it is not the formula that is boring, but rather the execution of the game.

img_0566Small sound effects when attacking, and failing are all you get. No music but at least it let’s you play your own.

The graphics are kind of boring, but then I find maps to be quite boring as well. The idea to use maps from Google is cool, but at the same time it really limits the graphics to maps and satellite photos.

Gamelife is low as the game doesn’t track statistics or in any way encourage you to play on. No challenges to complete, and nothing to achieve or unlock makes this a typical game you won’t play more than once. Of course it might be cool to show your friends how you conquer their cities, but then if you have those kinds of needs you probably haven’t got any friends.

GeoWars needs a lot of tweaking to turn from a gimmick into a worthwhile game.

Final Rating


GeoWars $1.99

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    Lux is way better than this. I spent hours playing with its free version.


    i think the name of the lite version is Lux Touch.