Geosnake: Quick Review

Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAKE!!!!

Snake, the first popular cell phone game, was a hit on Nokia phones in 1997 and has been aped on nearly every phone that can play games since. The iPhone is no exception, and in the sea of games that is the App store there are plenty of Snake clones. If there are already tens of games that allow one to play as a snake chasing food and trying not to eat his ever-growing tail, one must wonder what separates Geosnake from the other snake clones.

For starters, Geosnake has an interesting graphical style inspired by, you guessed it, Geometry Wars. The snake is not limited to moving solely along the X and Y axes and their bisectrices. Instead, the snake moves in the direction that you touch or tilt the iPhone, and this for the most part works well. When things start to get tricky, the holes in the control scheme really start to show the tricky mess that it can turn into. There is not one specific thing I can point at to say it is at fault for how the controls feel, something just feels off. Kind of like that feeling you get at Chuckie Cheeses whenever the Italian robot on stage’s mustache autonomously moves while he is looking at you.  His name is Pasqually the singing chef if you were curious.

geosnake21Geosnake boasts both an arcade and survival mode, both of which are mildly fun. Each mode is a variant on classic snake, adding powerups and unique challenges to try out. The arcade mode can get very tough, and this is partially due to the controls. For the most part, both of these modes just feel like the same Snake you have played before- which is good for those that enjoy Snake. I am not exactly what you would call a snake enthusiast, but a while back I was really taken with a game called Snake Galaxy. Adding a fresh spin on classic Snake, Snake Galaxy was a joy to play. It was colorful, easily controlled, and interesting. Geosnake doesn’t do any of those three things particularly well, just well enough.

If another Snake game is what you need to get through the day, and you have already played Snake Galaxy, go ahead and give Geosnake a try. I cannot honestly say that I am not amused while I am playing it, I am just not impressed. Every game doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel; Geosnake paints the wheel and shoots a bit of WD-40 into the bearing.

Final Score:


Geosnake is available on the App store for $.99

This game was reviewed on a 2nd gen device.

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