Geo Defense Review

Epileptics beware: GeoDefense is riddled with a magnificent display of brightly colored explosions and lasers.

GeoDefense is a tower defense game that utilizes an old school art style not dissimilar from the popular Xbox Live arcade game, Geometry Wars. The game has the potential to appeal to both fans of geo. wars and tower defense games alike. Personally, I have never been a fan of tower defense games outside of the occasional mindless game during a skype call. GeoDefense is one of those games that can be difficult to play and maintain anything resembling a normal conversation at the same time. While GeoDefense is mechanically akin to almost every other tower defense game in the app store, there is something about it that is just more visceral, more kinetic, and extremely gratifying.

gd1To play GeoDefense, one must place different kinds of towers on the field that will in turn fire upon the enemies that travel along a preset route attempting to reach the end of their path. Only ten enemies can reach the critical zone before the player is given a game over. Towers can be leveled up, which not only changes their appearance but their effectiveness as well. While the game sounds as if it would be as pedestrian as most tower defense games have come to be, a combination of the sheer speed of the enemies and the ferocity with which they explode upon dying makes the game feel like it is giving you something more than the average tower defense.

All talk of GeoDefense seems to gravitate around the visuals, and rightfully so. The vector art style is attractive, and the amounts of particles that fly about the screen while enemies die is nothing short of incredible. As a gamer I am sometimes secretly ashamed of liking a game just because it looks better than another nearly identical game, but these are after all video games. Besides, the visuals factor into GeoDefense in more ways than simply supplying the “wow” factor. For instance, Geo defense strays away from trying to make each enemy and tower look detailed, and instead strives for simplicity. It is this very simplicity that allows GeoDefense to excel on this platform because it ends up looking much cleaner than games like Sentinel or Elemental Monsters TD. A giant laser ripping an entire row of enemies to shreds followed by a sequence of firework esque explosions somehow feels leagues better than watching an unusually large arrow splatter a row of enemies whose animations resemble a flip book cartoon made by a middle school student.

GeoDefense is a challenging game, do not pursue it without the knowledge that it will most likely repeatedly overwhelm you. In many games this would be a weak point, and most reviewers would chalk the constant losses up to poor level design. It would appear that GeoDefense seeks to punish players , as the difficulty is obviously an intended aspect of the game. Rather than thinking of this brutal difficulty as punishment, GeoDefense manages to convey a feeling of tough love. If one loses, it is because they have not fully thought the situation through. Victory can be achieved in every level, it is simply a matter of applying new and more innovative tactics as the stages progress.

One can purchase GeoDefense on the App store for 3.99, and at this price the game is worth every last cent and more.


gd2Graphics and Presentation 
GeoDefense looks wonderful, while the graphics are simple in nature they are a big part of why I play this game. I was not joking about the epilepsy, this game does have frequent occurrences of extremely bright, rapidly flashing colors. This would have been 4.5 stars if the game didn’t always give me a headache when I play it at night.


The ability to use your own music juxtaposed with the constant sound of laser fire is a definite plus.


GeoDefense is simple to play, but hard to conquer. The game is a challenge, but the player always has the tools and the means to come out victorious, and these victories endow the player with an immense sense of pride and relief.


GeoDefense does not feel as if it needs online leaderboards, because the game is mostly about clearing stages with points being secondary to the binary result of win/lose. You will come back to play this game again, and the developer has posted “how to” videos for those struggling with a specific stage, meaning that the game needs not end at the first speedbump. Also, altering the difficulty level makes going back through some already played levels quite enjoyable.



A must-have for TD fans, and highly suggested for anyone else. 

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    lots of good games today!

  • Rock $ Rolla

    I have the lite version and it pretty awesome

  • Arnold

    Lucky I got it when it went on sales for $0.99. Best TD game, period. Not for the faint of heart, very tough to beat.

  • ant

    i also got this when it was on sale for 59p ($0.99) and to date, has turned out to be the game ive played the most on the iphone, absolutely love it

  • Adam

    This is by far the best TD game i have ever played, it is also one of the hardest games I have ever played but the graphics and the sheer fun factor prevent it from ever becoming frustrating. I highly recommend it.

  • Dennis

    Geodefense is one of my favorite games, it has very well balanced gameplay. It’s that good that the graphics don’t mind.