Gears – hands-on preview

We get hands-on with Crescent Moon’s soon to be released marble roller…Our very own Pat Dunn got an early preview of the game at GDC this year. The story goes that the earth is mainly uninhabitable, and that man has sought refuge in a city high above the clouds. After a disaster occurs that threatens the city, a mechanical globe called the repair-o-sphere is dispatched to retrieve energy fragments in a bid to repair the city before it’s too late. Based over 27 levels across three themed chapters you must guide the sphere over what is essentially a mechanical assault course, and  retrieve as many fragments as possible and exit the level.

gears-ipad1In that initial play through at GDC we assumed the game was swipe based only. However, in playing it further you can – and should – play the game using tilt. It feels alien controlling a game like this via swipe only and quite honestly I’m not sure why they added that control method at all,let alone make it the default way to play. It’s certainly harder playing via tilt, but much more satisfying. In tilt mode the view of level is also tilted, which gives the game a more heightened level of three dimensions.

gears-ipad2The game is universal for iPhone and iPad, with retina display visuals for iPhone 4, as well as a high quality video setting for more powerful devices like the iPad 2 and the future iPhone 5.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what the game has to offer, but so far it impresses with a good level of challenge and a high level of polish in the visual and aural stakes.

Look out for our review next week when the game hits on April 28 for a measly $0.99, in the meantime check out the video of our playtime below.

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  • Luke

    Hopefully it works on release, unlike every other Crescent Moon game…