GDC: Crescent Moon Games Multi-Hands On

We get a first look and hands on with Gears and Pocket RPG

Within a couple months, Crescent Moon Games will be releasing 2 brand new titles to the App Store: Gears and Pocket RPG.  An update for Aralon that adds an entire new class is on the way as well.  Lastly, Crescent Moon Games announced it’s new game “Deadlock.”

Gears: A casual marble madness styled game with swipe controls.  The player must navigate a path, much like Super Monkey Ball, while collecting power gears to help save your floating city.  The top down view makes it very simple to swipe in the direction you want to go, which makes it easy to control the ball.  Gears has 9 levels to each of the 3 worlds, including “Steampunk” and “Rivers of Magma.”  The three dimensional environments and deep shades of color really add to the individuality of each level.  Of course there is definitely room for in-app purchases and downloads.  The game also features retina display for the iPhone and will be released in the next few weeks for only $0.99.

screen-shot-2011-03-01-at-55854-pmPocket RPG: Shortly after the release of Gears, Crescent Moon Games will add Pocket RPG to their lineup of games. While PRPG is developed by Tasty Poison, it will be published by Crescent Moon Games. Pocket RPG features a random level generator that will keep the player playing since no 2 levels are alike. This dungeon crawling, RPG styled game doesn’t allow for character upgrade, but rather weapon upgrades and abilities. Getting loot and defeating baddies is the main point of this single player game. Multiplayer has been considered, but has not yet been confirmed.  Perhaps in future updates?  The pricing is TBA.

The Aralon update will feature an entire new class, as well as minor bug fixes.

We also heard of a new game called Deadlock.  Unfortunately we were not able to play it due to network issues.  All they said was that it will be an 8 player online game, with “Minigore meets Call of Duty” as the theme.  What we saw today was very impressive, with a lot of time and effort going into developing and polishing these titles. We look forward to seeing more from the folks at Crescent Moon Games.

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  • Luke

    Concidering Rimelands still doesn’t work a year after release (So many launch problems, and never could get final ending to run) and had my Aralon game ruined by getting me stuck at a save point… I will not be buying any Cresent Moon Games until they learn how to properly test their games before releasing.

    Too bad these games looks so good… Maybe I’ll buy them anyway, but not tell anyone :p

  • Josh Presseisen

    The Rimelands update just came out on the 3rd, so check it out!
    We had to pull it because of a UI issue.