GDC: BulkyPix Reveals New Game Line-Up

We check out what BulkyPix have up their sleeves for the next few months on iOS…

The Sandbox

First up, and the most impressive on show, was The Sandbox – think Minecraft in 2D, that’s heavy on simulation.

Hitting in May this year, The Sandbox lets you play in, well, a sandbox environment, where you can place elements onto a blank canvas and watch as they react with each other to form real-world-like structures. At your disposal initially are the basic elements of water and fire, from which your can create the basic building blocks of your world.

For example, pour in some fire and then cool it with water and you’ll have rock. Pour more water into the environment and the water will slowly grind away at the rock to create sand.

Different kinds of weather effects scan also be used. Turn down the thermostat and any steam reaction, from fire and water, will freeze in the atmosphere and fall as snow.

Everything you see is presented as tiny pixels, with each pixel reacting beautifully to gravity simulation. The game starts you off with a story mode which acts as a tutorial to highlight the tools at your disposal. From there you can play the free mode and let your world creating juices run wild.

Interestingly, many beta users have turned the game into a pixel painting app. Pausing the simulation and creating detailed pixel art. The Sandbox allows for Facebook integration to share your creations as images, as well as GameCenter integration to share your worlds in which others can play in.. or destroy!

The game is a port of the popular flash game of the same name. With the original developer OniMatrix working closely with BulkyPix to create a version tailer made for iOS. Look for the game to hit sometime in May.

KungFu Rabbit

Next up is a Super Meat Boy inspired platformer called KungFu Rabbit. In it you play as a high-kicking rabbit, on a quest to save your rabbit babies. Using virtual analogue and action buttons you can double jump and wall jump your way through each level,collecting carrots for bonus and attempting to find and collect your babies in the quickest time. The game features really cute looking cartoon art that reminds me of Kungfu Panda meets Rayman’s Rabbids. You can customize your rabbit in a range of outfits too, including a hilarious Mexican hat.

As well as universal support, KungFu rabbit can be streamed in crisp 720p widescreen over airplay on the Apple TV. It also supports the iCade for a more authentic arcade experience. Look out for KungFu Rabbit hitting the AppStore on March 15 for $0.99

Aby Escape

Aby Escape is a Temple Run style game that sees you play as a Racoon, on the run from some evil Hunters. There are 30 levels in all, that will see you running, sprinting, jumping and ducking around various obstacles. These levels are not endless like Temple Run, but there is an endless mode available if that’s more your thing. Like all of BulkyPix’s games on show, this featured highly polished cartoon art throughout.


We got hands-on with this game last week (see here), it’s like Geometry Wars meets flOw. We were treated to a new trailer which highlights the much larger enemies, as well as how busy and crazy the game gets in later levels. Look out for Lightopus hitting this week on the 8th.

Gnu Revenge

A bizarre gravity based puzzle game, where you launch strange goat-like creatures in space, and must guide them around the gravitational pull of nearby planets, as you collect other goats and then hit the evil space alligator. Yes it is as weird as it seems. The game employs just one action button, with which you can switch on the goat’s rocket pack. Holding down the button will push him forwards, and it’s then up to you to judge the best time to let off the power, and let the planet’s pull guide you around. Too much and you’ll career off the screen into the depths of space. To little and you’ll crash in to the planet.

Much to the amusement of Matt and the BulkyPix team, I completely sucked and replayed one level about 20 times. I blame that on jet lag!

Saving Private Sheep 2

Lastly we have Saving Private Sheep 2. The sequel to the popular physics plat former, that saw you taking on the Wolf.

Now that that great war is over, it’s time for a new foe. Any guesses? Yep, the cunning Fox. This time you lob hedgehogs at the poor bloated Fox to free the sheep he has eaten. It’s pretty hilarious.

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