GDC: Blobster Hands On [video]

I love seeing great games from small studios!

We met up with one of the six developers for Divine Robot at a Chillingo event, and they showed us their cute new physics-based platforming game, Blobster.  You start each level as an averaged-sized blob who can roll about by tilting the device. As with all platformers, there are items to collect in each level, platforms to jump, and plenty of puzzles to solve as you progress. One of the key features is the ability to increase in size; the bigger the blob you are, the higher you can jump, and the heavier you are for breaking down structures.

To jump, you have to tap and drag your finger to stretch out your blog. He then will fling in the opposite direction. Aside from looking great, this mechanic worked really well as you don’t have to always tap the blob directly, but rather use an on-screen button to stretch your blob. We saw several powerups along the way, including a life-preserver that lets you swim (normally you die when you hit the water) and a shield bubble that turns you into a ninja blob, and lets you barrel through enemies. The artwork was crisp and clean, with some great physics-based blob animations.

From what we saw, Blobster has the makings for an excellent iPhone and iPad title, with it’s intuitive gameplay and simple controls. More can be seen below in the dev playthrough:

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  • gwet17

    Could be the next Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, based on those fun looking graphics and mechanics!