Gate Runner Quick Review

If the movie Tron and the app Cube Runner met in a romantic setting and had a kid, its name would be Gate Runner…and that’s a good thing.

A very stylistic gate-clearing game that offers excellent visuals and sounds, including a custom soundtrack that is good enough to keep you playing just to hear the next song. Gate Runner boasts a very clean 3D environment to go with its artistic renditions of outer space. The goal of the game is to navigate your way through multiple gates in order to complete the level and move to the next. Using speed boosts, directional thrusts, and speed reduction, the player puts their skills to the test to weave their way through every gate on the level, which in turn gets them to the next level.

My only problem with this game is that it does not have a save feature, meaning, after you get through like 150 gates, and accidentally miss one because it is too far to reach, you have to start the entire game over from level 1. No I am not bitter.  Also there is no way to skip to a further level.  Overall, the visuals and sounds alone make Gate Runner a great buy for only $.99, as long as you don’t mind starting over from zero every time you lose. Here’s to hoping for a save feature in the future!


Gate Runner $.99

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