Gas Tycoon review

Gas Tycoon is a funny name for a game, at least to me who have the sense of humour as a seven-year-old. Sadly the game isn’t as fun as the name implies. It is a simple game of connecting pipes between a gas stations and some houses. There are a whole bunch of these available at the App Store at the moment, and the main difference between them are the themes. Gas Tycoon is about helping people who are cold by giving them heat in the form of natural gas. That is it. Just tap on the pipes/houses/gas station to rotate them. Once connected to the gas the pipes turn blue. When all houses are connected to the gas you get a small fanfare, and you can progress to the next level. At the top of the screen there is bar indication number of moves, less moves equal better scores.

img_0236The game responds well to the tapping, and you can choose which direction pipes will rotate. This is a game suitable to play during boring meetings. The iPhone mute button is respected which is a must with this type of game.

I think Gas Tycoon lacks character, and the theme is kind of boring. It has no music, no unlockables, no achievements and no online leader board. To me a game like Paradox 3000 is a better and more interesting game based on the same game mechanic.

Gas Tycoon is forgettable, and it lacks polish and flair needed to stand out in the App Store. It plays well but with thousands of games available you can get far better games at $0.99.

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Gas Tycoon $0.99

Gas Tycoon Lite

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