Gang Domination is on the cards

Gameloft announces a partnership with GREE to develop card-based ‘social’ gang-themed game for iOS…

Gang Domination is a mob-themed card game offering a brand new experience for the GREE Platform, the title will allow you to co-operate and battle with other players online, as you try to form the most powerful gang. Gameloft is of course familiar with the gang theme, having produced games such as its “Gangstar” franchise, as well as 9mm.

“Social card games are considered the most popular social games in Japan. ‘Gang Domination’ will be Gameloft’s first social card game, and we’re thrilled to work on this project with a leading player in this market such as GREE,” says Michel Guillemot, President and founder of Gameloft.

For those not in the know, GREE is a global mobile social gaming company. Following the acquisition of OpenFeint in April 2011, their network now reaches over 190 million players around the world. With offices in Tokyo (head office), San Francisco, London, Beijing, Sao Paulo, and Dubai, GREE will continue to aggressively expand worldwide. Their new social platform – which Gang Domination will connect to – is compatible with iOS and other Devices, and will be available in Q2 of this year.

We’ll be chatting to GREE and Gameloft at GDC, so we hope to have more info soon.

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  • Kangyoonjin

    can i get further information about this game?? can’t seem to find any further info ..:(