GamePress game maker now free

Make your own iOS games on your iPad

There are tons of nice initiatives when it comes to game making platforms. There’s Game Maker, a free solution that already spawned games like They Need to be Fed, Karoshi, Reflections and Skydiver Drop Zone to the App Store. Then there’s Construct 2: a reasonably new game studio that seems even easier to use. All game makers have free versions that introduce you to game design, but ┬ástarting out can be the most difficult part!

Enter GamePress; a user-friendly solution for iPad, including all the tools one needs for making games. There’s ample tutorials, over 500 graphics to get you started and even sound effects to spice up your first production. GamePress is entirely drag and drop-based and a treat to work with. Connecting behaviors to characters has never been easier and adding controls is just as simple. GamePress currently supports exporting games to its own arcade, but who knows: will HTML5 be a feasible thing in future updates? If the developers throw in an animation studio such as Disney’s PIXEL’D there’s no stopping GamePress.

Get the app now for free (we don’t know how long the offer will last) but we’ll reach out to the developer for more information. Happy game making!


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