Wild Blood out September 6th

UPDATE: Gameloft reveals launch trailer of their Unreal-powered game ‘Wild Blood’ coming 6th September…

Originally Posted August 3: Since the E3 before last, when Gameloft showed a Vietnam-themed first person shooter running on the Unreal Engine 3 on iPad, and then they pulled it to never see the light of day, we’ve been wondering exactly when they were going to show their UE3 card again.

I’ve constantly been badgering my contact at Gameloft to reveal what they are up to, but I’ve been told again and again that they havn’t given up on using Epic’s tech for their graphics development, and to stay tuned. Well, finally here we are. But… and it’s a big but!.. they have not released any details on what the game is about, what it’s called, or how it plays.

UPDATED: All we did have to go on was this nice looking image of a large sword below, but now Gameloft have released a trailer for the Game, which, while still not totally revealing, at least shows that it’s an action adventure and that it’s called Wild Blood.

We’ve seen Gameloft clone console games before, but could this be their answer to Infinity Blade, and a clone of an established iOS title? It’s more likely that this is a God of War-esque hack-n-slash, with the Unreal engine giving added deal and effects that their own engines lack (such as dynamic lighting and shadows).

UPDATE 2: Wild Blood hits the AppStore tomorrow for $6.99 (6th September). Check out the Launch trailer below. We’ve been playing an early preview of the game for the past week now, so look out for our review on launch, plus hands-on gameplay footage on our Youtube channel.

Teaser trailer


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  • Wajalama

    God Of War?

  • Davidsalmeron84

    more excited for Galaxy on fire 2 supernova add on, looks to be better than valkyrie …… but wild blood looks like a rpg game i would invest my time in :)