Gameloft releasing Urban Crime this Thursday

No, what you see here isn’t Gangstar.  It’s Gameloft’s latest fully-3D crime simulator for iOS called ‘Urban Crime’.

It looks like they’re using Gangstar’s engine for this new franchise, but have chosen to go the freemium root yet again.  The studio have received much hate for taking this path over the past few months due to the hordes of IAP content.

From the video description:

Earn more than money, fame or power… earn RESPECT!
Step into Urban Crime, the 1st full-3D crime simulation for free on iOS and become a true gangster.

We weren’t too impressed by the latest Gangstar, so let’s hope Gameloft have made a bunch of much-needed improvements.  Urban Crime is releasing this Thursday.

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  • Beloved

    This fame is going to be just as crap as all of their other games. The only difference is that people are only just realising this.

  • Beloved

    I mistyped, I meant game instead of fame…

  • Siergiej

    Leys face it – another trashy freemium like DUNGEON HUNTER 3 or SIX GUNS…

    Ooh god… Have mercy…
    Gameloft is choosing a path of GLU and TapJoy…

  • DeepPurple15x

    I still don’t see what they are trying to achieve. I guess they have lost it. Poor quality games who would want to play this even if it free?

  • Freetin

    Im used to be a Gameloft big fan and now i just ignore all of their new games :) )

  • vicnuman

    Gameloft seem to be heading downhill…. first they cannot move forward with the Unreal Engine then they seemed to make a desperate comeback attempt with Modern Combat (which is good) and now just as a dying fly makes one more attempt to fly…. They choose a path that obviously will be their downfall…. smh

  • Sophie Fern

    Oh my god what happened to urban crime I can’t even get on it never mind what else is on it what the hell happened can some body help me if they no what to do