Gameloft at E3: more sequels ahead

Gameloft opens up big can of sequels at E3

They may be inspired by other popular franchises, but Gameloft´s games always sport extremely high production values and bang for your buck. At E3 some new titles were announced, comlimenting the recently launched Gangstar Vegas. What´s on the horizon? Take a look at these highly anticipated games:

Modern Combat 5

Before E3, a teaser was already roaming the web although even now, little information is known about Modern Combat 5. See that Italian flag in the right corner? Venice is one of the exotic locations in this modern mobile shooter, but apart from the fancy water effects in the teaser, we have little to speculate with.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Expecting Despicable Me 2 in theaters this July, Gameloft launches a new movie tie-in game with a clear focus on Temple Run-esque mechanics. We love Temple Run, so I cannot find any reason not to be happy with Minion Rush. Here´s some minions to feast your eyes on:

Brothers in Arms 3

I personally loved Brothers in Arms 2, until I noticed it went freemium all of a sudden. Gameloft was experimenting with this model on a huge scale and in my opinion BIA2 didn´t really fit the freemium style (as it´s extremely story-driven and narrative). Let´s hope Brothers in Arms 3 returns to what made the game such a treat: raw WW II action, a tantalizing story and graphics that´ll blow your mind (or weapons that at least blow up a building or two).

Total Conquest

Conquering a cartoony version of the Roman Empire is what seems to be the main business in Total Conquest. The game is set in Roman times, yet I can´t stop thinking about Elvis looking at the bluish dude in this screenshot:

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The cars in Asphalt 7 haven´t even cooled down, yet already a new game apears on the horizon. Asphalt 8 is bound for even hotter action and more spectacular crashes, seeing that it applies a brand new physics engine. A question to all vehicle damage inspectors out there: does this look real to you?

Ah, this just in: we have a teaser!

Which games are bound to end up on your phone once they´re out? Any favorites?

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