Game Connection Part 2

Game du Nord

Welcome to part two of my Game Connection Paris 2012 report.  I’d like to begin by letting you know how unbearably cold Paris was. So here goes: Paris was unbearably cold. So cold in fact, that a bear I saw crossing the road became an ‘unbear’. These my warm friends, are the conditions I brave to win you gaming related scoops.

On to today’s developers and their upcoming wares.


Developer: Bad Seed

Title: Sheep Up!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will be rather confused at this point. That’s because we (I, in fact) reviewed Sheep Up! Back in May of this year. Have we somehow traveled back in time to a world pre- Sheep Up?  Have I finally lost my round and shiny marbles? Or is developer Bad Seed preparing a brand new version of the game complete with a whole host of new features such as in-game currency and shop, new controls, added levels, power ups, story cut-scenes and zombie and ninja sheep? You decide.

I did take a video of this brand new version, but as fate would have it, my iPhone is being a right @$$, and won’t allow me to access it. take it from me that it’s looking much improved from the version I gave 3 stars a few months back. Sorry about the lack of video, until January when Bad Seed re-launch the game, you’ll have to make do with this fetching picture of a real-life sheep. Baa.



Developer: Paladin Studios

Title: Momonga

Paladin Studios are a Dutch developer from the land of the Dutch. If you’re following, that’s ‘Double Dutch’. Hoho.

They gave  me a demo of their soon-to-be released Momonga Pinball Adventures. It’s a pinball/platform/ flying adventure game which looks like it could be very popular. You play as Momonga, a flying squirrel who is the only remaining survivor of an attack on his village where a rogue general of the Owl Kingdom burnt his house down. I have to say, this troubled me deeply as I always thought owls were a rather nice bunch.

Seamlessly switching between organic pinball action set in a forest location, jumping and flying, Momonga Pinball Adventures has a wonderfully classic feel to it, while still being unique enough to blend multiple game types.

Check out the demo and official trailer below.


Developer: Agate Studio

Title: Up In Flames

Up In Flames is the story of a dragon named Baff who has the uncomplicated task of destroying obstacles and enemies by breathing fire on them. Simple and effective, that. Gameplay is similar to a game we reviewed a few weeks back called ‘Atomic Frogs’, except this time, if you didn’t notice, it’s a dragon.

You’ll pull back to set a trajectory and release to send balls of flame throughout the level. Expect a range of power-ups, tricky puzzles and other dragon-related stuff.

Up In Flames is being released in the first quarter of next year and is being published by the ever-reliable Chillingo. Screenshots you say? Why of course!








Developer: Extreme Reality

Title: Extreme Motion Software

The final bit of news is not actually a game, but rather a piece of software that has the potential to revolutionise iOS gaming.  Yes, I said ‘revolutionise’, and I meant it.

Extreme Reality are based in Israel and have come up with software which enables any device with a 2D camera to become a full-body motion controlled gaming system. That means your laptop, webcam or yes, iPhone/Pad could be hosting scores of motion-controlled games in the future.

Extreme Reality is completely software based and in theory eliminates the need for costly 3D cameras and additional hardware. This means you should immediately go home and chuck your Kinnect out the window. Go on, do it.

The developers gave me a demo using a standard laptop webcam. The first was Extreme UI, which added gesture control to the laptop, allowing them to emulate mouse movements and dedicated gestures just by waving their hands in front of the screen, a la Minority Report. The second was Extreme Motion – the gaming bit. The friendly man flailed around for me while playing a motion game called Panda Mania which tasks you with replicating a dancing panda’s movements. I’m glad I didn’t have to do any moving about. I’d just eaten.

It’s still in the early stages of development for iOS, but the aim is for developers to integrate the software with their games, giving a completely new way to play them as well as standard controls. A bit like Vivid Games attempted with V-Motion control. Furthermore,  hook your device up to a TV and you’ve got yourself motion control at a fraction of a normal price. Modern Combat 5 with motion control?  It could happen. Now, about that Kinnect…


Head to for more information.



So until next time Nigel blindfolds and handcuffs me, and bundles me onto a train to the cold middle of nowhere, that’s all folks. Here’s to an Indie-tastic 2013 on iOS.

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