Game Connection Part 1

From Paris with love

Your intrepid reporter has just returned from the most romantic city in the world – Paris. I hopped over there for a few days last week to attend Game Connection Europe and check out the latest on the iOS indie scene. After thoroughly grilling developers about their upcoming titles, I’m back to let you have a look at what’s in store from some of them. I can also confirm that Paris really is a romantic city; nearly all of the developers were flirting with me.

First some yet to be released titles:

Title: Badland

Developer: Frogmind

Frogmind is a two-man independent game studio. Their debut game, Badland, is due to hit our devices in the first quarter of next year and it’s looking rather tasty indeed. Rather like some frogs, which I ate for the first time out in France. Yes, I looked for the most stereotypically French things I could find. It’s the only way to travel.

Badland is an atmospheric side-scrolling physics game with an emphasis on ‘Atmosphere’. It puts you in control of an inhabitant of a beautiful fairytale forest on a mission to discover just what has gone mysteriously wrong with his home. Along the way, he encounters traps and obstacles that attempt to stop him from finding the truth. Sound like me on a Monday morning.

It’s a one-touch unobtrusive control system which sees the player tapping and holding to fly.  The visuals stand out straight away with gorgeous artwork and lighting and unique style. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for it’s release early next year. The two folks from Frogmind gave me a demo while explaining some of it’s unique features:

Because my video mad skillz aren’t all that, you can check out this trailer which shows off the lighting to even better effect:

Title: Neuroshima Apocalypse

Developer: One2Tribe

The Polish developers gave a me quick glimpse of an upcoming title named Neuroshima Apocalypse, due for release in the first quarter of next year. It’s an action RPG already available on Facebook and web browsers which is currently in development for iOS. Making use of the Unity Engine, iOS players will be able to partake in cross-platform battles with a huge established player base.

I was going to provide a witty description, but the guys at One2Tribe have done a slap up job already. Here’s what they’ve said about the Facebook version:

“Someone once said that war never changes. What a load of bullshit.”

- Neuroshima Apocalypse

Some of you are already familiar with Neuroshima Hex Boardgame (and second most popular iPhone game) and Neuroshima Tactics Skirmish Wargame. It’s time to take the Neuroshima expercience to another level.

One2Tribe studio is preparing a new and revolutionary Facebook game in the world of NS – Neuroshima Apocalypse. Why revolutionary? Well, it’s a completely new type of FB game – Hardcore Social. No more watering carrots, building cute houses, sending gifts, feeding sweet pets and visiting friends to help them do the same.

In NSA, the only things you plant are mines and booby traps, the only thing you construct are gun turrets, radiation fields, and mortar launchers, and the only thing you pet are different type of mutants. Why? So that you friends suffer should they be stupid enough to visit you. What didn’t change is sending gifts – nothing says “Welcome in the Neighbourhood” like half a pound of 7,62 FMJ straight to the chest.

Of course that’s not all. Instead of breaking through each others defenses for fun, you can take your friends on a cooperative mission – fight mutants, robots, beasts and gangsters, search for supplies and equipment, complete quests and earn XP.

It’s a fast, brutal, postapocalyptic game.

Ouch. That’s what I call hard-hitting copy. It’s still in the early stages of development for our iDevices, but when it’s ready to go, you can expect this kind of action:

And now for a couple of freshly released titles you should check out:

Dot Emu – Raiden Legacy

Remember The Last Express? We reviewed it back in October and gave it four and a half stars. Dot Emu are the chaps who brought it to us, and because they have a penchant for releasing iOS versions of classic PC and arcade games, they’ve got another trick up their sleeve with Raiden Legacy.

If you’re familiar with the classic vertical shooter, Raiden, with it’s huge enemies and flashy gameplay that wowed us all in the early 90’s, then you’re probably quite old. You’ll also remember that it fostered a couple of spin-offs in Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet. That’s a lot of Raiden.

Out today on the App Store, Raiden Legacy throws all these titles together in one tidy package and doesn’t charge you four times the price. That’s got to be a good thing. We’ll have a review later this week. Check out the gameplay video below.

Studio On Mars – Critical Missions: SWAT

These guys are a Finnish game studio (that’s Finnish, not finished), who were keen to give me a go of their newly released first person shooter, Critical Missions: SWAT.  It’s a cross-platform shooter meaning as well as your buddies with an iPhone, you can also blast Android, Web and PC players in the face. Equal opportunity shooting is what I like to call it.

Reminiscent of the classic Counter-Strike, you can mess around with hefty real-world weapons such as Desert Eagles, AK-47’s, AWP Sniper Rifles, XM 1014 Shotguns, smoke and flash grenades and your trusty knife. I know these are real-world weapons. I’ve handled them.

You can also set up classic matches such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, but a few unique modes like Zombie Match – a Team Deathmatch with zombies added to the map, and Survival, which sees a team of players take on multiple waves of terrorists and zombies add interest to the mix. They also add zombies, which is always welcome.

Check out Part 2 of my Game Connection round up later in the week, including some technology that could revolutionise how we play iOS games…

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