Galaxy On Fire MMO Coming To iOS Q3 2013

Galaxy On Fire is a game that seems built to be online; and now it will be.
The ultra successful (and awesome) Galaxy On Fire is taking its show to the Internet. Fishlabs has announced that it is working on an MMO version of its popular space simulation game that will be dropping on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad during the third quarter of this year. The MMO version of the game is set to be called Galaxy On Fire – Alliances.

The MMO version of the game is going to use the sometimes loved, and sometimes hated, free-to-play model. It will feature real-time strategy elements along with plenty of MMO staples such as alliances, P2P combat, and resource trading.

Because the game will be built with free-to-play in mind, we can expect in-app purchases to play a much larger role that it has in previous entries to the series. Most items purchased in GOF 2 (which is currently free on the App Store) offered convenience, and only had a small effect on the actual gameplay. With Galaxy On Fire – Alliances, the purchases will likely have a larger effect on the gameplay overall, but only time will tell how that all shakes out.

The alliances will come in the form of three factions, the Terrans, the Vossk and the Nivellians. The game will come with multiple layers outside of the just combat, so this very well could be a release that sucks the life out of your battery over and over again.

We still have a good long wait until the game hits the App Store, but Fishlabs will be showing it off at GDC in March, so hopefully we can learn more about this upcoming release then.

Source: TechCrunch

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