Galaxy Front Review

There are plenty of castle defense style games out there right now, from Tap Defense, to Knights Onrush, to one of my favorites, stickwars. Galaxy front decided to take a more aggressive approach and make their game so that you had to destroy the computer’s castle, similar to the game Castle Conflict. In this game, you are in command of an assault base armed with a massive plasma cannon. You must use this, as well as the units you train to ¬†halt the enemy’s advance and destroy their base.Shi have attacked!

The graphics in this game are a bit basic, and there is no color to the units. ¬†Everything that happens is in darkness, so you only see the infantry’s silhouettes as they march. The only color in the game is the background and the weapons fire. This would not be that bad, as it gives the game a bit more of an ominous feel, however when you have a mass of units all in one position, it is just a mass of black.

Galaxy Front is easy enough to play, in fact, I found it a little too easy, as I blew through all ten levels very quickly. There are five different units you can recruit, ranging from basic soldier, to sniper, to a big mech. There are also five upgrades you can purchase, such as making your units twice as strong, or double hit points. There are no bosses in Galaxy front, just increasingly tough enemy units. The game gets old after the first runthrough, and the only reason to play through again is to beat your previous score.the giant seahorses are attacking!!!

Presentation & Graphics
I did like the graphics in this game, the sillouette art style made for a bit more of an ominous feel, as though you are fighting in the dark against these aliens, and the backdrops are beautiful

Audio is mediocre, just sounds for shooting and getting shot, and the usual.  Nothing extraordinary here

simple concept, just recruit, upgrade, and shoot your plasma cannon. unfortunately I found this game to be quite easy

I blew through this game quite quickly, and with only ten levels, there’s not much to blow through

Game Rating


Galaxy Front is a solid 3 star game, but that’s about it. If you want some fun for an hour or two, pick this game up and you’ll not be disapointed. However, if you are looking for a longer lasting game you would be better off with a different game. I enjoyed Galaxy front, but it is too short and too easy. at .99 it’s a cheap game and will give you some cheap thrills

Galaxy Front – $.99

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