Fuzzle Review

Review by Matt Dunn

Are you looking for a good puzzle? Why not try Fuzzle? Wow ok that was really lame. Still though, Fuzzle is a well-polished and unique puzzle game for the iPhone, and the first iPhone game from CandyCane Apps. Why not come on in and hear all about it?

Fuzzle, like most puzzle games, has a pretty simple concept. The goal is to match up five… um fuzzles?… of the same color to make them disappear from the board. The playing field resembles a cross between an Othello and Chess board. There are rainbow pieces that work with any color, and bomb pieces that, when matched with a row of same-colored orbs, remove all orbs of that color from the playing field. The trick is, in order to connect up orbs, you have to have a clear path between where the orb starts and where you want it to go. As you drag an orb with your finger, the path lights up underneath to show you if you can make the move or not.

Whenever you make a move, unless it is a five-piece match, more orbs appear on the board. The number  of orbs that appear depends on how long you take to make your move. There is a handy undo option in case you do something really stupid, but I found myself not using this feature too often. Maybe that’s why I never made it past level 12… hmmm… Either way, the board can fill up pretty quickly (aka “game over”) if you’re not careful and strategic with the matches you make.

Fuzzle has a colorful and clean look to it. The instructions are simple, and the animations are slick. The touch controls work very well, and I never ran into an issue where an orb went to the wrong place. The same goes for the sound. It’s all very simple and polished. There is no background music, but I was able to listen to my iPod music while playing, which is cool.

Fuzzle is definitely a “pick-up-and-play” kind of iPhone game. It works well in that respect. I doubt many games will go for longer than about 15 minutes. There is both a local and online scoreboard to challenge your friends. You can change the difficulty from the options menu as well, if it’s getting too easy. Other than that, there are no extra modes of play.

Presentation & Graphics: 8

Great, clean presentation, and colorful graphics. Overall very polished and professional, but nothing too exciting.

Sound: 7

Very little, but appropriate and good quality where it exists.

Gameplay: 8

A unique puzzle experience, and quite a lot more challenging than it appears at first glance! It won’t blow you away, but it’s easy to pickup and play in short bursts.

Game life: 6

Sadly, Fuzzle only comes with one game mode. However, it comes with both local and online scoreboards, which boosts replay value a bit.

Game rating: 7
Final Word:

Fuzzle is a fun little app for puzzle fans who want a quick game that’s not overly engrossing. The presentation is very professional, and it seems to me like a game that will probably have other features added to it as development progresses. That said, I really would have liked to see another mode or two of play. This would have really helped in the longevity department, and rounded out a nice package. Still, Fuzzle is a great little game for those moments when you need a fun and challenging destraction.

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  • carl ferrero

    Yeah Fuzzle is great, damn addiction!