Freedom Run Quick Review (free)

Review by Matt Dunn

This will probably be the last free game review I do, and although this would have been more applicable if I had reviewed it a couple weeks ago for elections, it’s still a fun little free endurance game!

Yeah I thought it looked like that at first glance too. But its not.

Presentation & Graphics:

Great flash-like visuals with a sweet layered background. Smooth animation. Your “runners” are a donkey carrying an elephant. Get it? HAR HAR.


Music and sound effects are fun and crisp.


The donkey/elephant automatically run forward, and it’s your job to balance them by tilting the iPhone. You also have to jump over banana peels, and collect hearts in balloons to keep your strength up. Very simple gameplay, and very easy to pickup.

Game life:

It’s a straight up endurance game. How long can you go before you fall/run out of strength? There are local and online leaderboards which are cool, but just one mode of play, meaning this will be a game you download, play a few times, then move on.

Game rating:

Final word:
For a little free political game, Freedom Runners will certainly amuse you for a short period of time. It’s easy to pickup and play, looks and sounds great, and gives you some challenge with an online leader board. Best of all, it’s free! Politics FTW!

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