Fox Vs Duck – Review

It’s style over substance in this zen-like tilt game from the makers of MiniSquadron… but it’s no less fun!

Fox Vs Duck is a simple premise… save the Ducks! Using purely the accelerometer you must guide the little ducklings away from the jaws of death. The game area consists of a pond where ducklings are constantly dropped into. As they hit the water you can control the direction they travel by tilting your device. Around the pond is the evil Fox, scampering around the perimeter, hoping to head you off before your duckling can escape. If you can get your duckling to ponds edge without meeting your maker, then they’ll live to see another dawn. The cunning fox isn’t the only creature you must avoid however, in the depths of the pond is a ravenous pike. Rest on your laurels too long in the pond, and he’ll snap you up whole. Played in a straight line, saving the ducks is pretty simple, but when lily pads and rocks are thrown into the mix to affect your direction, it can get pretty hectic.

734186There are two game modes to play through. Challenge mode, which sees you saving as many ducks as you can within the given time limit, or there’s Survival mode which gives you unlimited time, but a limited quota of ducks you can kill. Both modes supply you with stats for how many ducks were killed and how many saved as well as a rating, such as ‘Duck Soup’ or Duck Massacre’! The game is open feint enabled too, so for the evil duck killer in you, you can marvel at the world tally of dead ducks! (Current total is 16076)

As I mentioned int he intro, the game is very basic… but it is designed to be a quick pick up and play game, for when you have a few minutes to spare. What makes the game a little more appealing then most time waster games on the AppStore though, is the art style. It’s beautifully styled with clean, minimalist and flash-like visuals, and even though it’s 2D, it’s presented at a slight angle, giving the hint of 3D, particularly with the fox and his mock-3d animation.

It’s hard to rate such a game, as it’s so simple on so many levels. And with it’s budget price of $0.99 it certainly has impulse-buy appeal. If you are looking for a relaxing zen like experience that doesn’t stain the brain, then I’d recommend you try Fox Vs Duck.

Hopefully the game will see some updates, especially an inevitable third mode that allows you to choose the dark path, and play as the Fox!

Fox Vs Duck is out now for $0.99

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