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I am so slow at chopping my veggies at home, but I really consider myself a ninja in the kitchen. In the corner of my eye I can see my wife contemplating exchanging me for a speedier model, or at least a proper machine for slicing and dicing. Now I can get a chance to redeem my honour by chopping food coming down a conveyor belt. Sadly so far I am still more of a fridge in speed of movement than that of a ninja.

img_3505Food Processing is what you get if you combine the quick action gameplay of Bop It!, and the precision of Fruit Ninja. Fruit, vegetables and nuts come down the conveyor belt. Each item has an action you have to perform. Walnuts are cracked by double tapping, green beans released by tapping three times, but most actions involve chopping and slicing. Corn needs to be sliced into three different pieces, and chillies need to be sliced along the length. You only get a split second to identify, and perform the correct action before the item moves past. There are also rotten fruit that you can’t touch at all. If you touch rotten fruit, or loose any unprocessed fruit down the conveyor belt you loose a life. Three lives lost equals game over.

As you progress powerups are unlocked, as are forbidden fruit that you can’t touch even if it isn’t spoilt. The game does a great job of slowly introducing new kinds of fruit as you play the first time. This kind of tutorial that you get as you play is excellent. You can also check how to prepare fruit in the main menu. After just a couple of sessions I found myself lacking fruit, and the game needs more to add both variety and difficulty. What about some potatoes to peel, or small grapes to slice and separate?

img_3526There are only two game modes available: normal and Hell’s Kitchen. To get to the much harder Hell’s Kitchen mode you have to prove yourself worthy in the normal mode. This isn’t too hard though. Beside one unlockable mode there are different skins for the conveyor belt to attain. These only affect the look of the game, but I found it nice to have something to work towards. Online leaderboards, and achievements are available through Crystal and Game Center.

The presentation in Food Processing is ok with clear easy to distinguish items. The rotten fruit is perhaps too easy to tell apart from fresh fruit, and I seldom slice the wrong kind. More variation would be appreciated, as all corn look the same and so on. That would make the game harder, and more accurate.

The music is your standard speedup gameplay music straight from the halls of generic stuff. Not inspiring at all, and since the game keeps fading out my own music it limits the appeal. I can not get any sound effects to work even with the volume for sfx at maximum level. I do however get the vibrations every time I mess something up, and those can’t be turned off from what I can gather. That is really annoying in my opinion.

img_3507Food Processing is a fun little game demanding quick reactions, decisions and precision. It is a fun distraction, but the more you play the more it seems to lack. A lack of variety in fruits and veggies is perhaps the most damaging in the long run. A feeble soundtrack, and no sound effects further lower the score. With some updates this might turn out to be a great casual game. For fans of Fruit Ninja it is definitely worth a buck, and for everyone else I recommend you to try the lite first.

Final Rating


Food Processing $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Chillingo Ltd
Food Processing Lite

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