FlyMe2theMoon review

Now that is a way to really make sure that you get your game lost in the App Store. It is impossible to find this game by searching for the words separated, and I guess most won’t even contemplating writing it all as one word for a search. If this had been a must have kind of game it would have been a real shame if people missed out on it because of poor abilities to give a proper title. It is by no means the end of the world if you miss out on it, and actually the developer even saved you some money. FlyMe2theMoon is not among the worst the App Store has to offer, but it is definitely unpolished and lacking in both presentation and gameplay.

img_4684You play as Kiana, and each level has her trying to reach the moon. Collecting orbs, and stars on the way boosts the score. Initial levels are only about flying, but soon puzzle elements are introduced. The controls divide the screen in three sections. The middle controls upward thrust, and the sides controls diagonal side movement. Without any boost Kiana falls rapidly. The idea is that you slide your finger over the screen to control, but to me it never really worked that well. I ended up playing with my thumbs over the side thrusters, and the middle got used quite sparsely. Overall the game is quite sluggish since thrusting sideways, and then falling a bit achieve proper side movement. Some traps move a bit too quickly compared to the controls, and frustration soon sets in for me.

There are loads of levels, and you can keep at it for quite a while if you enjoy it. To me the poor level selection screen further lowered my already low impression of the presentation. There is a general lack of polish, and what should have been vibrant colors feel washed out. Obstacles feel pasted onto the game world, and this sense of distance between the background and level design bothers me. Too often I careen Kiana straight into a spiky block that I didn’t see at all. The music is good the first couple of times, but soon the same looping track feels old. The few sound effects feel slightly off, especially the low-key yelp when impaled on spikes, heck most of us would scream like crazy.

img_4696I applaud the attempt to create something new from the usually casual survivor gameplay, and introducing puzzle elements. Four different game modes with a hefty story mode is still not enough to save the mediocre presentation. The fact that the controls don’t work as well as they have too is also a big drawback. Paired with a boring set of menus, and the story told in text bring the final rating down. FlyMe2theMoon reaches for the stars, but stumbles and falls somewhere in the treetops.

Final Rating


FlyMe2theMoon $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: SUN / miHoYo

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