Floater Pro review

Have you ever fantasized about throwing dead hookers into a river, and look as they float away? Ever thought about drowning that redneck that keeps swearing at you, and spits on your polished car? Ever dreamt about having your grandma eaten by a grizzly bear, and dragged into the water? Ever daydreamt about you taking down that thug threatening the neighbourhood, and let some angry Eskimos poke him with spears? Well you might have some issues if you answer yes to any of these questions, and thankfully you can now test some aspects of your insanity in Floater Pro.

img_0804Adult Swim! keep adding new fun games with over the top humour to the App Store, and Floater Pro is the latest on offer. It is a corpse racer that lets you flick your floater down a river. Simply flick it to swing it left or right to avoid obstacles, and collect bonus point objects. The controls are simple to use, and the game is easy to get into. You have to reach the goal with your reeking carcass before the timer runs out. Extra time is awarded by going through checkpoints.

You start the game with a dead redneck, and as you complete levels new floaters are unlocked. The hooker, grandma and mobster add a bit of fun to the game. I would have loved some customization though, and perhaps even adding your own pictures to make the game even more over the top.

There isn’t that much to do in the game when you have completed the levels other than doing it all over again. It took me about fifteen minutes to complete the three opening levels, and it wasn’t until the last that I felt challenged by the short time available.

The presentation in Floater Pro is quite simple, and focuses on cruel small animations. The floater gets crushed, speared, eaten and generally abused. The intro banjo music is lovely, and I think that there should be more of that in the game. Instead cruel sound effects take over when playing.

img_0794The only online functionality available is Facebook Connect, and that is not good enough in my opinion.

Floater Pro is a fun game, but it looses it’s initial appeal within half an hour. I see little to no reason to go back and play it when I have grown tired of the initially so funny carcass poking. I can recommend it to anyone who want to have a good laugh, but don’t expect long term gameplay that will keep you coming back. Much like a real life floater this game lacks appeal in the long run.

Final Rating


Floater $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

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  • Nigel Wood, UK

    Damn, and I thought this was a game about flushing a toilet!