Flight Control Quick Review

Simple. Fun. Addicting. These are the three pillars of the casual iPhone game. If these three goals can be reached, and done well, the game will be a success. This the reason a incredibly simplistic game like Flight Control can become so successfull in a market that is saturated with these types of games. Flight Control takes a simple concept – drag planes/helicopters to their landing strip – and pulls it off with good sound, simple graphics, and smooth animation.

Presentation & Graphics

Simple and effective, but nothing amazing. Smooth movement for planes. Would have liked to see a crashing animation.

No. Not great.

No. Not great.


Also simple and effective. Not much lacking here.


Totally addicting, and takes about 30 seconds to learn. I would have liked to see the plane warning (before the planes appear on the screen) to change color based on what kind of aircraft will be appearing. Eventually, playing through the first few minutes of the game can be boring.


I might get crap for this, but I think that while this game stands firm on it’s own, there’s still a lot of opportunity for improvement in building longevity for this type of game. Currently, the only reason to come back is the online line leaderboard. How about unlocking new airports? New aircraft? I would have also liked to see the addition of levels in the game, or at least the ability to continue from where you lost the game (with a hit to your score, of course). This game starts off slow, and it can get old having to replay through the simple first 3-5 minutes of the game before things start heating up.

Game Rating

Flight Control sets itself apart with it’s incredibly easy to learn gameplay, simple-but-clean graphics and sound, frantic action later in the game. Sure, some may think it’s a bit too simpistic, but at only 99 cents, it’s certaintly worth a look. Oh, and it’s not simple. Trust me.

Flight Control – $.99 (sale price)

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  • iPGN-Dave

    I suck at this game, best I can get is like 40 landings.

  • Nacho

    I love this game, I Play it all the time. My best is only 33.

  • Jay

    woot! new best i just got. 61.


    Mine is 52! I’m coming for you Jay!

  • iPGN-Matt

    As you can see by the screenshot, I’m stuck at 64, which is still more than you all! MWUAHAHA.

  • Scott

    Its a cool simple but hard game to play, Ive only played maybe 10-15 games of it my best is 68 but I’ve heard some people getting over 200 o.O crazy.

  • Wildnight

    This is a really fun game. you pick it up, then don’t want 2 put it back down. Only problem i had doesn’t save if some calls u. Stuck at 64 right now

  • ben

    My highscore is 173, but I’ll never beat it again.

  • Nacho

    Holy crap ben, you’re an animal!

  • vinnie

    got 209 as best, can get to over 100 easily