Fleeced! – Shear Terror review

There is a war out there, a war we aren’t told about. CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera have all missed reporting on it.  The war between llama herders in Peru has gone medieval, and you are thrown in the middle of the conflict.

You are in control of both maintaining the integrity of the llama pen, and attacking the pen of the opposition. The controls are for the most part touch based with a virtual stick for movement, and on screen buttons for repairs and building new cannons. Once you fire the cannon you go into a first cannon ball mode where you guide the cannon ball towards the enemy pen. This is controlled by means of accelerometer. You can either aim for destroying walls of the pen, the enemy’s cannons or the enemy llama keeper himself. Either way it is really annoying for the opponent. To me the transition from touch controls to tilt controls is way too sudden, and I tend to take a couple of seconds to readjust for the five-second attack. I would really prefer the controls to be all touch based, or at least having that option. When tilt is just a small portion of the game it is too easy to get the iPhone in a strange angle making it hard to control once you have to tilt.

img_0088The graphics are bright, cute and at times feels like a Disney movie. You only see the area around you, and at times I feel it is a bit of a chore to run around the pen checking for broken walls. A mini map or something would really help to make the game more about attacking instead of running around. Of course you pick up coins that let you buy larger cannons. It is really annoying getting into the action firing three cannons in succession just to get the game over animation because I haven’t seen incoming attacks when out tilting my balls.
The music is ok in short bursts, but then it starts to become an annoyance. The sound effects are ok. Taunts would be nice, as it is now it feels somewhat barren. Peruvians bombarding each other with cannonballs should be a bit more animated in my opinion.
There are two offline modes: story mode and arcade mode. In story mode you progress to harder opponents, and get new cannons and larger pens. The story is told in speech bubbles, and isn’t too interesting. The story mode isn’t that long, and within a couple of hours you have beaten it. Arcade mode lets you set up the game any way you want it. The single player modes are quite boring as the AI is quite simple, and there isn’t any variation to the game play. Achievements through OpenFeint add a bit of gamelife.

img_0120Fleeced! – Shear Terror is a multiplayer game at heart, and it turns into a completely new game when challenging human players. If you are interested in playing Fleeced! as a multiplayer game it is definitely worth getting. You get local multiplayer through Bluetooth, and online multiplayer through WiFi. The game becomes just as fun as the classic Rampart when you get into an intense match.

Fleeced! – Shear Terror is a hard game to rate due to the fact that it has two faces. The single player turns stale quickly, and the tilt control annoys quite a bit. In a hectic match versus a human the controls aren’t as disturbing.  Fleeced! is an ok game that turns into a great game online. My final rating focuses on the single player experience, but also takes the potential extra fun of the multiplayer into consideration.

Final Rating


Fleeced! – Shear Terror $1.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Bight Interactive Inc.

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  • Tim

    I thought this game was a ton of fun, especially for the multiplayer. I agree with your rating though, since the gamelife isn’t great and there isn’t much to do, but it’s some of the most fun I’ve had on my iPod for about 30 minutes.


    I’m out of money!!!!!! i have to wait to get paid…