Flea Symphony Review

Am I the only one that feels bad for the fleas?

Flea Symphony is a game about arranging machinery to create music. The player slides and rotates instruments, sometimes in real-time, in order to match the moment a flea’s body collides with the instrument to a bar of notes at the top of the screen. If the flea hits an instrument in time with all of the notes and reaches the stage exit in sync with the final note, the puzzle is solved. While Flea Symphony proves to be fun for the player, it looks to be excruciating for the hundreds of fleas you will watch slam into instrument after instrument in an attempt to make music that is pleasing to Master Piccolo, the head flea. Before you wonder, no, I don’t actually think this is a game about animal cruelty.

The best part about Flea Symphony is the meat and potatoes of its puzzle gameplay. As is the case with many games that are sold as music centric, the actual creation of music is not the player’s objective. The music fades quickly into the background as the player focuses on timing notes with the bar in the upper screen. The player is orchestrating instruments affixed to various sliding and rotating mechanisms- which will likely draw comparisons to a small scale Rube Goldberg machine.

We have seen many puzzle games that require the player to set up a sequence of interactions within a level, but few of these games operate in real time. Flea Symphony requires the player to make manual changes to the system as the flea bounces about. The level will run in a continuous instance until the puzzle has been solved, meaning that a new flea will fly into the environment each time the music loops. The player is constantly making tweaks and trying new approaches. By looping the puzzle, the creators of Flea Symphony help to eliminate some of the inherent frustration with puzzle games that require specific execution of a sequence in real-time. The real-time element also requires the player to develop some amount of skill within the game, something not often seen in puzzle games.

The App Store is absolutely flooded with puzzle games, and if you are looking for more puzzle action on your iOS device, Flea Symphony is a good choice. I found myself frustrated with some of the action elements at times, and even a little tired with some repetitious levels, but that doesn’t stand in the way of Flea Symphony being a decent puzzle romp. There are plenty of levels included, and the game’s IAP system only unlocks levels that the player hasn’t progressed to yet.

Final Score: 


Flea Symphony is available for the introductory price of $0.99 as a universal app.

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