FiveADay review

Eat your daily five fruits otherwise you won’t be able to save your minotaur friends!

It is not exactly the five a day I have learnt in school, but rather the version Llamasoft mastermind Jeff Minter has unleashed. A game from Minter not staring llamas, or minotaurs would be like Gameloft having an original idea for a game. Simply not right with the state of the world, as we know it.

In FiveADay you control a space ship on a mission to save fruit from evil aliens. It is described in the iTunes description, as a fruit-‘ em-up. And to some extent that is a good description. Your ship fires automatically forward, and most enemies are killed this way. Fruit, and minotaurs you pick up form a tail much like in snake. This tail can be used to smack bosses to death, and this is where fruit-‘ em-up is a good description. Otherwise it is more of a shoot-‘ em-up.

The controls are either tilt, or touch. Both works really well, and are responsive to quick movements. There is a lot of circling going on in the game, and I kind of prefer the touch controls because of this.

FiveADay is one of least whacky games from Llamasoft, and it is far from the drug-like experiences in GoatUp and Caverns of Minos. Both in concept, and graphical execution FiveADay feels like a step into a more mellow direction. At first I even thought the graphics looked kind of bland, and amateurish. When the pace picks up, and minotaurs enter the game it all comes together much better.

The sounds make up for the lack of crazed out graphics with really weird snippets, and samples all stewed in an ambient mix that doesn’t invade your senses directly.

As most Llamasoft games FiveADay is best experienced using an iCade. The game also comes with both Game Center, and Openfeint integration for scores and achievements.

FiveADay didn’t grab me the same way that earlier Llamasoft games have, and somehow the subject matter feels more corny than wacky. Still it is a Llamasoft game, and as such has a high level of appeal to me both as a gamer and as a person with interest in game design. And I can’t help but laugh at the messages between levels, as those are hilarious and changes depending on your performance.

Final Rating


FiveADay $1.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 0001.00.00
Seller: Llamasoft Ltd

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