Fission Review

Fission is a fun puzzle game in which you must help Professor Particle and his assistant, Miss Molecule collect the white atoms with his patented “vacuumator.” Floating in space are many diferent colored molecules of diferent sizes. You must smash them into each other to break them up into smaller pieces, eventually getting to the white atoms at the base of each molecule. Once you have enough whites out, activate the vacuumator to suck them up into your energy stores. You had better watch out however, because if you try to suck up a colored molecule you will have your energy drained. Simple enough concept right? Perhaps, if there weren’t obsticles being thrown at you, including asteroids, black holes, and the dreaded antimatter! All of these, and more hazards are present throughout the game to hinder your efforts. Fortunately, Miss Molecule will show up to tell you to watch out for hazards, and will inform you as to what they each do.


This game has nice enough graphics, smooth textures for the molecule spheres, twinkling stars in the background, and smooth menus, however they could work a little more on the animations for the hazards. Their animations are a bit choppy, and with the 3g and 3gs processing power, there is no reason they couldn’t easily make them a lot smoother.

Sound is decent, some ambient background noise, and plenty of effects as you move the atoms around. However, overall you can not turn the volume up that high. Also, it fades your own music out, even if you have it’s in game sounds off.

The game has three difficulties, each one making the game a little harder by making the molecules break into smaller pieces, and also different colors. I beat it rather quickly on easy but when I went on to hard, it took me by suprise because I now had to think a lot more and do a lot more micromanaging. Constantly worried about asteroids and/or antimatter coming through, and trying to clear paths in time is much more difficult on the harder difficulties.

Presentation & Graphics
Graphics are pretty nice, nothing super, but they work for the game

Decent sound effects and ambient background, however you can not play your own music and volume stays fairly quiet

Fission is fun to play, and definately a chalenge on the harder levels.

Multiple difficulties to play on, each adding something new to the levels.

Game Rating


Fun game, and it will keep you entertained for a while.

Fission – .99

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