Finger Slice review

Cutting fruit, and other soft items has been a real hit on iOS devices. Fruit Ninja spawned a new genre that later got a new direction with Slice It. The arcade slicing got turned into a game of geometric precision. Finger Slice takes some aspects of the arcade formula with a timer, but the majority of inspiration comes from Slice It.

Finger Slice is all about slicing objects in perfect halves. You choose where to start the incision by tapping, and drawing a line across the object. Timg_4442he cut happens when you let go, and you are immediately judged on your precision. 100% accuracy will give you three stars right away, and two great cuts equals two stars. The more cuts the less likely you are to complete the level. It is hard to get good precision on the small screen, and often the game forces me to make wonky cuts to save a misplaced first incision.

There are three worlds in Finger Slice, and the simple basic shapes are easy to score three stars on. When you get to fruits it gets a lot harder, especially when it comes to cherries. A wider range of objects to cut would be appreciated, as the game gets repetitive really fast. There is no variation whatsoever. To me it started feeling like a chore halfway through the first world.

The presentation is quite generic to the genre, but I do enjoy the backgrounds. More objects, cooler effects and a whole lot more own personality is needed to make Finger Slice stand out. One thing that manages to grab my attention is the weird jazz tribal music accompanied by small yeahs when I touch a menu item.

img_4444Finger Slice walks too closely in the footsteps of Slice It to really stand out. Furthermore the lack of variation hurts the gameplay that soon feels like a chore. I would have liked to see quick slice bonus levels or the ability to slice objects from my photo roll. Now it is just one slice at a time, and if you fail the first attempt you might as well just replay the level right away. This leaves me with a game that is just as much about going into the menu to restart a level, as it is actually slicing shapes. Only recommended to those with an urge to slice that Slice It couldn’t fulfil.

Final Rating


Finger Slice $0.99
Version: 1.o
Seller: Emibap

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