Finger Shoes Review

Are your fingers a little fat around the edges? Well, give them a quick work out with Chillingo’s Finger Shoes…

No, this is not a strange new fad in knit-wear for your fingers. This is Finger Shoes, a new casual game for iPhone and iPad, in which you must run your little fingers off over various themed courses including; the jungle, city and beach, to a haunted house, fun park and even the moon.

mzlnzbipvkh480x480-75In each level you must tap star tiles as they move towards you on continually moving 3D terrain. The object is to get to the chequered flag without missing any tiles. Should you miss a maximum of three tiles then it’s game over. Various themed based objects such as cats in the city, or aliens on the moon, will try and get in the way by covering the tiles. These can be removed with a tap or a flick, but you’ll need to tap the tile again once it’s revealed. On later levels where the levels move faster you’ll find that it’s important to remove objects as soon as they come into view if you want to avoid missing a tile. As a bonus, and for completion-ists out there, you can also collect up to three stinky sports shoes which are hidden throughout each course. Once you have completed a course, and only then, you can move onto the next one where they get harder and faster to complete.

You are supposed to tap the screen with two fingers on the same hand, as if they are legs running on the screen. This of course looks more authentic, however it won’t be long before your are jabbing the screen with both hands, and index fingers, in a bid to beat the levels. Despite this cheating, the game is pretty hard on the faster courses and many of you won’t be able to finish the last couple of levels. I think the three misses and your out is pretty harsh. Instead I would have liked to see a power up that allows you to win back a miss mid-game; as once you have missed two tiles, you’ll no doubt quit out and start again instead of wasting time completing the rest of the level, and that breaks the flow of enjoyment. I would have also liked to see alternative paths instead of the linear over-world map. This would allow you, should you get stuck on any one level, to then move on a different path and try another, eventually joining back and completing them all.

Look out... it's Madonna's Bra!

Look out... it's Madonna's Bra!

There is another mode called Time Trial available. This puts you on the same course (but only those that you have unlocked in the main mode). But instead of three misses ending the game, if you miss tiles it slows the level down, thus giving you a slower completion time. For me, this is the best mode, and I feel that the developers should switch the modes around and have this as the main mode, with specific lap times you must beat in order to progress. Instead, these lap times can only be shared on leaderboards rather than having any impact on your game progression.

Finger Shoes is a simple and highly approachable concept. It has fun and funky graphics, and an annoying but catchy soundtrack. However, like Forest Gump running across the US, it needs to do a little soul searching before it can refine itself and become a must-have casual game.


Finger Shoes is out now for iPhone ($0.99) and iPad ($1.99). For those with both, you’ll find the iPad version is slightly easier. Get it on the Finger Shoes HD - Chillingo Ltd

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  • GregX1

    So Finger Shoes is worthy of a review, but King of Fighters-i (the best fighting game on the app store) doesn’t get reviewed?!? You guys at Touchgen make no sense at all.

  • Nigel Wood

    @Greg. We are working on the review of king of fighters. But you have to understand that none of us write full time, and there are hundreds of games released each week. King of fighters seemingly came from nowhere (it wasn’t announced at E3 for example, and we didn’t get a heads up from SNK) so in order to give it a thorough review, we need to spend some quality time on it, which we have yet to do due to other games on our review lists.

  • GregX1


    I understand, I’m looking forward to reading it whenever you get around to reviewing it.