Fighting Fantasy: Deathtrap Dungeon Review

If you are a fan of Steve Jackson Games, then you’ve probably heard of Fighting Fantasy. If not, then you’ve at least heard of Munchkin, one of the best card games ever (in my opinion.) Fighting Fantasy is kinda like playing a single player Dungeons and Dragons. You have your skill, stamina, and luck. Skill measures your chance of landing hits in combat and some random events. Stamina is your health, if it drops to 0 then you die. Luck gives you the ability to try and get lucky to either increase damage dealt or negate damage done to you, as well as many world events throughout the adventure. turn to page 370!

Fighting Fantasy also has aspects of a choose your own adventure book, as you read the page, and are given an option “if you want to attack the goblins, do X. if you want to sneak past them, do Y. One fun thing with the iPhone version, is that they did not take away the ability to return to the last pages read, essentially “keeping a finger on the page” as I did quite liberally back in my CYOA days. This is good, because just as in CYOA books, one wrong move and your adventure is over. FF has plenty of ways to die, and only one way to win. It took about 4 tries, starting over and getting to the end only to realize I don’t have everything required.

There is plenty of stuff you can aquire throughout your adventures, but some things don’t seem to do anything, or only do something in one specific circumstance. Some of the weapons or armor aren’t worth the hassle of getting it, for instance, running through a room of bees only to get a helmet which doesn’t boost your stats whatsoever. Or perhaps diving your hand into a pool of maggots to retrieve an opal studded dagger which will just sit in your backpack for the most part. mmm... tasty

Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoyed this game, when it comes to Choose Your Own Adventure stuff, I’m a fan. This game has great illustrations and the animations are smooth. The stories are taken straight from the Steve Jackson books, so if you’ve already done the Deathtrap Dungeon book, don’t expect anything new from the app. There is plenty of cool monsters, I think my favorite is the Bloodbeast. It’s a monster with one weak spot, it’s eye. It is also covered with sores which will burst into fake eyes, so you can’t find the right one. awesome.


For a text based CYOA it’s great. Unfortunately, each different adventure costs 2.99, so if you beat this one and want another, it’ll start going up in price. Right now there’s only two adventures released, but I’m sure more are on the way.

Fighting Fantasy: Deathtrap Dungeon – $2.99

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  • Nigel Wood, UK

    That price isn’t too bad considering the books would cost more. I use to read them when I was about 9 or 10, one about a cyborg, can’t remember what it was called though. I always cheated of course. Keeping my finger in the previous page in case I died ;)

  • Nigel Wood, UK
  • Nathan Mustafa

    I used to speedrun these things at the library, I never got a good ending :(

  • Brad

    I’m playing through ‘Assassin in orlandes’ which is a similar style of game by a different developer and it is heaps of fun. I would definitely recommend it to anyon who is (was?) a fan of the Fighting Fantasy books or people interested in a different style of game than the usual iphone fare.

    I found the developer’s website, there is more info on their current and upcoming games:

  • Void Fraction

    “If you are a fan of Steve Jackson Games, then you’ve probably heard of Fighting Fantasy. If not, then you’ve at least heard of Munchkin, one of the best card games ever (in my opinion.)”

    Different Steve Jacksons. One’s from the U.S. (the Munchkin guy) and one’s from the U.K. (Fighting Fantasy and founder of Games Workshop).

  • Justin Grubbs

    wow, my bad! the last 5 years I’ve thought it was the same creative genius! oh well, you learn something new every day. thanks for the correction