Fez Could Be Coming To iOS This Year

The hugely popular platform-puzzle game could see an iOS release in 2013.

One of the games that took the world by storm last year was Fez. It was nominated for almost every game of the year award from every major publication on the Internet. Well, before we know it, we might be able to play the amazing game on iOS.

Phil Fish, the man behind Fez, took to Polytons’s blog to talk about what a crazy year 2012 was for him. He spoke to the insane success of Fez, and how it has changed his life. He goes on to say that the game has made more than enough for him to keep doing what he loves, which is designing games.

Phil also talks about how he gets emails all the time telling him he’s crazy for not bringing the game to every platform. Well Phil has decided in 2013 that the game will be ported to other platforms. While he does not specifically mention iOS as a platform for the game to come to, he does mention that people want to see the game ported everywhere, and well, clearly iOS is included in everywhere.

iOS is a platform where indie games can thrive, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Phil Fish from his role in Indie Game: The Movie, is that he is all about being indie. Time will tell if the game comes to iOS, but with its emphasis on indie games and giant install base, it seems like a no brainer for Fez to make its way to our beloved mobile devices.

Source: Polytron

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