Ferrari GT: Evolution Review

Ferrari GT brings one of the closest experiences to a PSP racing game I’ve seen to the iPhone. Racing fans can breathe a sigh of relief, because Ferrari GT delivers the goods, in a glossy, candy-apple fiberglass package.

Let me first come out and say that I’ve never been a fan of racing games. I’m not a greasemonkey, I don’t go to car shows, and I generally fail at games that tailor to these people. I picked up this game to review on a whim, because I enjoy games that challenge me “play outside of the

Notice the road reflections. Wow.

Notice the road reflections. Wow.

box.” That said, if you consider me a noob in reviewing this racing game… it’s cuz I am! If you do have additional questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

So Ferrari GT is pure iPhone eye candy. It looks amazing, sounds great, and performs well, which is the trifecta of an excellent iPhone game (or any game, for that matter). There’s a point on one of the tracks where it starts raining, and the weather effects, while basic, are a nice touch. I couldn’t tell if this effected handling at all, but I don’t believe it does. The engine sounds are great and music is good too. There aren’t really any ambient sounds, which makes things sound a bit odd, but overall it’s good.

The computer hub works so well!

The computer hub works so well!

FGT is about 80% arcade racer, and 20% simulator, or “serious” racing game. Because of this, it was easy enough for me to pickup and play, but it definitely took some time to get used to power sliding around curves and handling at high speeds. Luckily, the controls are AWESOME. Aside from being able to tweak your handling at any time (sport, race, etc), you can choose between 3 different methods of steering. I found that the touch steering was my favorite, but the other two options (including some decent accelerometer control) work well enough. The game was extremely smart in providing the default option to automatically accelerate. That way the only things you need to conrol are steering and breaks. For iPhone games, simple = awesome.

The game flow of FGT is what really makes it stand out. The entire game starts at your “computer”, where you have access to email, contacts, and archives, which contain stats for the game. As you race, you earn experience and invited to both amateur and pro races, personal challenges from other drivers, and silly side missions that require you to transport a friend, or collect roses from the road. There are particularly frustrating challenges that involve completing laps without hitting cones scattered on the road. It’s frustrating because you hit cones that are up to 5 feeet away from your actual car. Luckily, this isn’t an extremely frequent challenge, and it’s still doable. So computer hub gives you great access to contact people to challenge them, accept race invites, and participate in upcoming tournaments. Very cool.

img_0006The computer also features a garage that lets you test drive and purchase new cars, a long with changing the color of your current vehicles. Each car has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, as expected, and it will certainly be a challenge to purchase them all. Finally, you can go back and view trophies from previous races. Overall, the computer hub is a completely slick way of moving the game on, and feels fresh and interactive.

FGT features local wifi multiplier, which unfortuantely I was unable to test. The good news is that online multiplayer is coming soon! So for those that buy the game now, you’ll have loads of races and practice for when the game is updated with online play. There is also a quick race feature to jump right in. Seriously, there is a ton of content here to be played. Unfortunately, there aren’t a huge amount of tracks, so playing the same tracks over and over can get monotonous. The game does a good job trying to vary the experience through different challenges, but it can still seem tedious to keep playing the same track.

Weather effects. Sweet.

Weather effects. Sweet.

As far as tracks go, there are only 8, but they are pretty awesome. Each one takes place in a different major city all over the world, and they all look great. it takes a while of playing to unlock all of them, and when you’re done, you can replay them in quick play at any time. It would be nice to have new tracks, but with them spread out, it makes it worth more when you finally unlock one. It should be mentioned before I forget that there are like 5 different views for racing, and you can play the game both horizontally or vertically at any point.

It’s the little things that make for a fantastic game, and FGT is takes 1st place in my book.

Presentation & Graphics

Some of the best 3D graphics I’ve ever seen on the iPhone, and shockingly, with almost no framerate issues!


Good engine sounds, with a lack of “race ambient” sounds. Good music that, even though repetitive, doesn’t annoy.


Very responsive controls, power sliding is a joy, and game is very approachable for even the noobiest players, but will definnitely satisfy the hardcore fans. Brilliant use of the “computer” game hub. Tons of options and settings. Garage to purchase new cars is sweet!

Game life:

There is SO much to do in this game. Some of the challenges can be tedious or silly (collecting roses on the road… wooo!), but at least they are When online multiplayer is released, I will be all over this game. Unfortunately it’s not out as of this review.

Game rating:


Final word:
FGT may come with some minor annoyances. VERY MINOR! Everything else is completely top notch. The game is rock solid from beginning to end. At the reduced price of $6, it’s easily worth it’s price tag. Want a taste of what the premium store will look like in iTunes? Get this game. It’s good. Damn good.

Ferrari GT ($5.99)

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  • Legend.Inc

    Great review. By the way did u know that ronaldo lite is now on iTunes

  • iPGN-Nige

    I think you mean Rolando :)

  • Dom Feeney

    Nice review Matt.

    There are so many racers out there now I just can’t make my mind up which to get.

    Is this the cream of the crop?

  • pante

    it was hard for me to decide which car game i want…
    so now i have slotz racer and Days of Thunder and i’m really happy with them :)

    oh, and snail mail. :)

    still waiting for nfs though…

  • iPGN-Nige

    Dave is heading over to EA in New York next week, so stay tuned for info on NFS and other EA titles in the pipeline

  • Jay

    The best racer ever on iPhone. Period

  • Spencer Gordon-Dirks

    Great game astounding graphics thank you gameloft

  • Sohaibn

    I  am  unable to unlock new tracks although i won uncountable races