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Now this is a world I never want to visit. Huge monsters that crave oil are not my idea of cute, and cuddly. Sure the monsters are on the cute side, but their diet is far from nice. As a social science teacher I actually cringe somewhat when I think about the story. A world where hunger roams, and that hunger can only be stilled by pouring un-refined oil in the mouths of massive creatures. What parallels can one draw to our own world, and our own addiction to oil and gasoline? A world needs oil? A worlds starves without oil? Why couldn’t it have been lemonade instead, or even some beer. Getting fat is not as bad, as destroying the world with pollution.

bildOk, no more rants about the environment for now. Feed Me Oil is a liquid physics puzzler where the goal is to guide enough oil to the end(mouth) to fill the counter. To your help you have fans, boards, magnets and other weird wind tools. There are quite a few games like this in the App Store such as Enigmo, and Casey’s Contraptions. What sets Feed Me Oil apart from the others is the organic bright graphics, and lack of multiple solutions.

To start your solution you simply tap the incoming oil pipe. Objects you can use are located at the bottom left or right depending on level design. Just tap, and drag items in position. Touch to make active, and rotate using the rotate wheel around the object. The less objects you use the better for your overall score. The game is scored in one to three stars, and stars are used to unlock the next level pack.

What matters most are the actual puzzles, and this is where Feed Me Oil gets quite thin. The same concept is repeated throughout all the levels, and I soon experience physics games fatigue. Completing a level just to do the same again, and again, and again. Watching the oil pour, drip and flow. Change an object, and watch again to see if I get enough to fill the mouth.

Most levels have a set solution, and there is no way to solve it using your own ideas. At least not if you want to gain the three stars score. To me this is really a huge problem. Not feeling that I make much difference, or being able to find better solutions than a par. Having played Casey’s Contraptions that urges the user to find own solution Feed Me Oil fails to motivate me in the long run.

img_0181To solve levels as they are supposed to be according to the level designer there is a hint system. Each hint you use gives you an outline where you have to place an object. A timer counts down to the next hint is available. It is possible to use this hint system all through the game. I would have preferred a better level design than having to opt for a hint system. If you are daft enough to buy instant hints as IAP you have completely destroyed the game, so don’t.

There are 45 levels, and some extra bonus levels available giving a couple of hours of puzzle gaming. The game comes with Crystal integration for leaderboards, and achievements. I would have liked to see Game Center or OpenFeint as well.

The presentation is excellent with huge and bright graphics. It is easy to plan a level, as everything is scaled up in size. The oil is well animated, but behaves quite weird. Magnets don’t attract oil in real life. The developer has taken quite a lot of liberties to create a physics game without using the laws of physics. The oil generally behave like a solid object than a liquid.

img_0184I quite enjoy the eclectic mixture of music constituting the soundtrack. Jazz, musical boxes and weird electronica help setting the weird alien scene. You can play your own music instead if you like to.
Feed Me Oil is a neat little physics puzzler that throws out the laws of physic. A lack of multiple solutions, and too handy hint system hurts the game. A flawless presentation that is quirky, and highly enjoyable is the main selling point. There are better games out there when it comes to gameplay, but Feed Me Oil is still a worthy addition to the genre giving a couple of hours of oil-feeding.

Final Rating


Feed Me Oil $0.99
Feed Me Oil HD $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chillingo LTD.

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  • Luke

    I hate the hints. Drop that and the game becomes infinitly more rewarding.

  • Martin

    Not played this yet, loving the graphics though, I gotta check it out.