F.A.S.T. review

The iPhone is a great gaming device capable of both great graphics and intuitive control. Real Racing was the first real proof to me, and now comes the second proof in the shape of F.A.S.T. –- Fleet Air Superiority Training!

F.A.S.T. is a dogfight simulator with a strong focus on multiplayer through Wi-Fi. A mode that really gets your adrenaline flowing. You can also play against your mates over Bluetooth, sadly I haven’t been able to try it as I am a lonely iPhone user among all Sony Ericssons here in Sweden.

img_0493Even if you aren’t into all online multiplayer you will get a whole lot of fun just playing the 30 training missions. All are dogfights where you get thrown straight in the heat of battle from the start. As you progress you unlock new aircraft, and get tougher opponents to contend with. The AI is good, and tries just as bad as you to find weak spots to destroy you. The different aircraft have different stats and you can really feel the difference while playing. This lets you develop your style depending on if you are a close range killer, hit and runner or a long distance sniper.

The controls set a new standard for all iPhone games to strive to achieve. The accelerometer seems to auto calibrate by itself, and it is always spot on. The different aircraft move differently, and somehow SGN has managed to really make you feel that difference. Touch controls control missiles, mini guns, throttle, boost and rudder. A tutorial would be good to include, now you only get a lengthy text explaining the controls. For example you shake the iPhone to deploy chaff and flares. Other than that I must say the controls are rather deep, and it really feels like you have a lot of stuff to change. On the other hand you can just skip that and blast away with the loaded missiles, and just cruise at the set speed.

img_0494The graphics are amazing, and totally immerses me into the role of being a pilot he heat of battle. There are several different camera angles letting you chose how you view the action.  Once a homing missile is fired you can follow it by means of a missile camera, how cool is that? Presentation is spot on in all aspects, the menus looks great and the fact sheets about the different aircraft are easy to read. It loads quickly too making it a great game for both short and long gaming sessions. I have had this as my waiting in line game for the last week, brilliant.

I think the sounds also rate as some of the best with some wickedly realistic engine and weapon sounds. The lock on sound would probably be annoying in most games but in F.A.S.T. I get so immersed that I appreciate is as a help when dogfighting. The only thing missing is game music or the ability to use your own music. Would be cool to blast away to the tracks from Top Gun as this game plays, as Top Gun should have.

img_0492F.A.S.T. is a really good dogfighting game, and quite frankly I think that is the only problem I have with it. I want more; I want to land the aircraft and fly low above the ground. The graphics, controls and sounds found in F.A.S.T. deserve to be in a full-fledged flight simulator.

F.A.S.T. is focused on multiplayer, and the social aspect of gaming. Online high scores, Facebook connectivity and quick dogfights against human foes make this a game where you can evolve your skills, and let them be seen among your friends.

I had to rush this review as the game went on a 4th of July sale, and I really feel that I can recommend it to any action gamer out there. The sale price is at $1.99, which makes it a really good deal; I bought it at $3.99 that it was also worth. The ordinary price might go up to $9.99, which it is worth too, but don’t wait, get it now instead.

img_0495Presentation and graphics

One of the best looking games for the iPhone at the moment. Ground, aircraft, sky and particle effects all look great. Presentation is slick and feels professional fitting the theme of the game.


Great realistic sound effects letting you get into the game. No music, and it fades out your own. Normally this is a big downer but in F.A.S.T. you need to have the audio to have any chance to avoid enemy missiles.

Game play

I have played tons of games for the iPhone now, and I can conclude that it is really hard to get controls right. I have played games that failed the touch controls and others that have failed the tilt controls. Then a game such as F.A.S.T. shows up and nails both touch and tilt controls right away. Flying feels like second nature, and just pitching and rolling is fun but when combined with instant action it becomes almost orgasmic. At times though I feel that the weapon buttons are a bit small, and I tend to poke at the rudder instead of missile.

The game is fun with instant action, and the ability to blast away your friends. It is not a flight simulator; rather view it as an action shooter.

img_0464Game life

Single player.
30 local missions letting you blast away at quite competent AI fighter pilots. New aircraft get unlocked, and it is really fun to learn to fly them all ranging from classic fighter-bombers to stealth planes. Once the 30 missions are over there is not much to do but replaying them.

Online Wi-Fi and local Bluetooth multiplayer.

If you get into the social aspect of the game you will seriously extend the gamelife. Being able to compare yourself to others under the Top Pilots tab can boost your ego, and motivate you. You can enter dogfight competitions over Wi-Fi as well as set up local Bluetooth dogfights versus your mates. As long as there are other pilots out there you will have fun with F.A.S.T.

Final rating


F.A.S.T. sets a new benchmark to aerial warfare on the iPhone. The production values are through the roof, and most importantly the game is fun. I can warmly recommend it to any gamer as you can choose how much of the controls you want to learn, just tilting and shooting missiles is enough to get into the action. I have rated the game as a single player game, and as such it lacks in gamelife with just 30 missions. If you are into the online aspect consider this worth 4.5 stars.
F.A.S.T. — Fleet Air Superiority Training! Sale price $1.99

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  • LBG

    Nice review. Although, I would have given it 4.5/5 because of the awesome multiplayer.

    I like the fact that you broke down the game life into singleplayer and multiplayer.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    Looks preety awesome


    i am gonna take your advice and get it now.