Farm Frenzy 2 review

Sequels can either be miles from the original, or be too similar to the original. In both cases the risk is that the sequel won’t work. In the case of Heavy Mach 2 the sequel went in a completely own direction, and in the case of Farm Frenzy 2 the sequel is almost the same as the original.

The gameplay is the same as the first, you have to fulfil certain conditions to pass a level. Getting a set number of eggs, bags of floor or chickens are the same as the original. The controls issues are also the same as the original. At time it is too hard to actually perform the action you want as the screen gets crowded with chicken, cows and grass. The different machines for transforming raw materials into produce have been moved slightly to give a bit more playing area.

img_0275Of course some things have been added such as the plane letting you buy additional products. It still feel like the same game as the first, and that is not a bad thing indeed as the original got an Editor’s Choice award from me, along with 4 stars. But failing to really add anything really new the sequel is bit of a disappointment to me.

The sound and music are the same as the original, and I immediately turned the music off. Sure it was likeable in the first game, but now it annoyed me too much with the crazy country madness. Sound effects at times sound broken, but you need to have it turned on to hear when the enemy bears arrive. You can play your own music in conjunction with the sound effects.

Farm Frenzy 2 comes with 40 hours worth of quick farm time management fun bonanza. I actually get anxious when I look at the level selection map as there are so many levels to play. My wife who has to get gold medals for all levels can easily get 100 hours out of Farm Frenzy 2. There are also 19 achievements to go for. Gamelife is the main attraction to the game. As you progress new buildings and animals are added, and the gameplay is kept fresh. As an early level generally lasts for less than 3 minutes it is easy to play Farm Frenzy 2 for that quick break or wait in line. In the later stages of the game it turns into a real hardcore game with gold level goals to be achieved within 45 minutes, insane.

img_0306Farm Frenzy 2 improves slightly on the great original, but I had expected it to be further from the original. I hated the bears in the first game, and now they come in four versions that I hate even more. Farm Frenzy 2 is one of the best time management games for the iPhone, and if you enjoyed the original you will certainly like the sequel. If new to the franchise I think you should check out the lite version of Farm Frenzy 2 first to get a feel for it. The original also had a better tutorial, and without Farm Frenzy experience it is hard to get into the sequel.

Final Rating


Farm Frenzy 2 $0.99 Sale until March 2.
Version: 1.3
Seller: Alawar Entertainment
Farm Frenzy 2 Lite

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  • Prashant

    I wish to buy farm frenzy2. I have one question: how many level are there in farm frenzy 2 full edition comparing to lite edition ?

  • bob

    how many levels are there in FarmFrenzy 2?

  • bob

    does any one anwser the questions on this page, it has been almost a year scince the last person commented.

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    There are 90 levels ;)