Fallen EP-1 review

Wow, I have been waiting for a true Resident Evil 2.5D style adventure and here comes Fallen and make the claim to be all I have been waiting for. I love survival horror, and the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games have a special place in my dark heart. I really want there to be room for more there, but is Fallen all it claims to be?
Story: Contrived, cliché about a Hispanic dude with a bad attitude imprisoned in a prison where things go to hell. Roman Mendez is not the kind of character I care about. He is the kind of thug that steals cars in my city, and lives on welfare. He is not important in any kind of way, and given the way his life has turned out I guess he doesn’t even like himself either.

img_1037Puzzles: Quite all right even though they are on the easy side. Find object, place object, repeat. There is only one context sensitive button that shows up whenever you can perform an action. This button is strangely always an arrow, and at times that feels a bit off as a more context related button would be more suitable.
Battle: Poor, really poor. The game sets a fixed camera on the battle scenes making it hard to see what is going on if Roman gets stuck behind an enemy. You tap the attack button, and hopefully you whack the dogs and slime monsters into oblivion. I found the battles to be annoying, and as I can’t get into my inventory while engaged in battle I can’t take painkillers to replenish health. This means that you have to use painkillers before battles even if you have half of your life left. A quick button for using painkillers in battle would be appreciated.

Environment: Prison, well a prison gone straight to hell. Dead prisoners and guards lie in their own blood. The lighting effects manage to make the game quite eerie. Strangely enough other prisoners don’t seem to notice that you have been fighting demon dogs in front of them, they stick to their lines. More could have been done using the prison setting to set a more grissly scene of blood and torture.

img_1041Movement: For most survival horror games the protagonist can run but at most times he or she moves at a normal pace. Roman Mendez on the other hand runs like a madman at all times making him feel strangely disconnected from the survival horror feeling. If you are inside a prison filled with demons and raping prisoners wouldn’t you try to be a bit stealthy? Not Roman as he likes to hear the clatter of his boots, and as he doesn’t get tired he just keeps going. He does get stuck on objects all the time resulting in running on the spot exercise. It is quite hard to see the difference between places you can and can’t move.

Graphics: For all survival horror games the graphics are important, and often filters and effects are used to set up an atmosphere. The graphics in Fallen is quite ok drawing a grimy prison scene. Roman and enemy animations are ok but nothing spectacular. When in battle you can time slashes looking at the movement of enemies. The fact that at times it is hard to see what is open space you can run through, and what is closed off from Roman draws the overall impression down.


NO!!! Nacho, what have they done to you!?!?!?

Sound: Ever since Silent Hill 1 the sound has been a strong aspect of survival horror. Fallen has a combination of industrial percussion and dark orchestral arrangements helping to set a dark and haunting scene. The footsteps of the ever-running Roman do get annoying after a while but overall the sound is the strongest aspect of Fallen.

Gamelife: A survival horror is something you live with for a long time, or at least for 7-10 hours on consoles. Fallen EP-1 takes about an hour to finish as long as you remember to save frequently. It is easy to die as battles are quite hard, and there is no automatic save in Fallen. This is also quite annoying if you get a call, or accidentally exit the game. Hopefully a checkpoint automatic save system is implemented in the next game in the Fallen series. According to the App Store page the game will continue both inside and outside the prison.

Actually I am not too interested in playing anymore Fallen as I don’t care about Roman Mendez the running Hispanic maniac, am highly annoyed at the collision detection environmental bugs, and feel that the story doesn’t go anywhere.

Final Rating


Fallen EP-1 $1.99 Sale price
Version: 1.0
Seller: 7th Sense s.r.l.

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  • Tim

    Merry Christmas Torbjorn! Do you get a lot of Hispanic carjackers in Sweden? :D

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Loads of them Tim, loads of them:)