Falldrop Quick Review

Falldrop is a mix of tetris, bejeweled, and an earthquake. You must manipulate rapidly falling colored blocks into groups of three before they reach the top. You can drag blocks wherever you want, and as such, you may try and organize the blocks, or just pull the random colors as needed. At certain times, you will be prompted to shake the device; which will throw the game into disarray and your blocks will be strewn about.shake shake shake!

This game has no menu, settings, or difficulty selection. As you enter the app, the game immediately starts without warning. you are presented with either a new game of falling blocks or continuation of the previous game you aborted. There is a High scores list, but that is the only perk in the game. It is hectic, boring, and poorly done.


Version 1.1

FallDrop – $.99

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