Eyestorm Quick Review

Vivid Apps brings a fun, unique, and exremely challenging JezzBall experience to th iPhone with Eyetorm. I never would have imagined this kind of game having things like a plot or bosses, but Eyestorm manages to pull it off. While visually this game is pretty plane, the challenging gameplay will keep you coming back. The gameplay is standard of these kinds of games. You swipe to build walls, and must cut off as much of the game board as possible to advance to the next level.

Many of the levels are quite unique.

Many of the levels are quite unique.

Presentation & Graphics
Nothing to get excited about. Very simple.

Very Garageband. I would encourage developers to not use Garageband loops in their game music, as it can sound cheesy. Despite this it still works alright for the game.

Very challenging and fun gameplay, if not sometimes frustrating (but in a good way). A very cool take on the usual boring versions of this game. Nice to see someone doing something different with the genre, even if the plot is cheesy! Could have used more power ups.

It took me about an hour to get to the last 6-7 levels… but it will take you at least as long to beat the final few. They are TOUGH. There are online leader boards to compare scores, as well as a smartly added level selector. Unfortunately, there is a bug the doesn’t always unlock new levels you’ve beaten until you quit the game and relaunch. Minor, but annoying.

Game Rating


This boss sucks.

This boss sucks.

A very solid and unique addition to the JezzBall genre of games for the iPhone. Very challenging, but more importantly, with the ability to continue from any level, it doesn’t punish you too hard. Dev just needs to fix the level unlock bug, which is more annoying than deal breaking. It may not look like much on first glance, but Eyestorm just may surprise you!

Eyestorm – $1.99

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    Cool. i havent seen many games like this!