Extinction Squad review

The tiger will be extinct in just ten years time if we don’t act now.

This magnificent king of the savannah will be but a memory. Our kids will be the final generation able to fully appreciate this large cat. Their kids will not know the tiger, as something else than the hyperactive bouncing version found in Winnie the Pooh. You can make a difference now, and together with the likes of Chuck Darwin the tiger might be able to save.

I might have started this review on a really serious note, but it is actually a serious matter. Adult-Swim manages to make it fun, and at times even silly. It does however carry the message about animals becoming extinct due to the way us humans exploit the Earth. This is done by having the Extinction Squad travelling the world saving animals in different continents.

This is a really simple game when it boils down to the basics. You slide your finger back, and forth across the screen to move two members of the squad carrying a trampoline. Animals hurl themselves off cliffs, and you have to make sure they are bounced into safety inside the truck. Bombs are dropped from above, and if one hits the trampoline it is game over. You can bounce bombs off the helmets of the squad members, but this is quite risky.

Extinction Squad is a high score game that incorporates the same kind of missions used with success in Jetpack Joyride. Save a certain number of gorillas, replay three times or avoid ten bombs for example. This gives the game a bit extra replay ability, but it never reaches the compulsive relationship I had with Jetpack Joyride.

Coins is the currency of the game, but it is hard to score many in a single session. Winning tickets to spin the Wild Wheel gives a whole lot more coins if you are lucky. The games hints quite extensively that you should consider using IAP to get more coins. Unlocking new continents take quite a lot of time without using it. Still I am not that crazy about high-scores, and find the notion of just surviving to be much more rewarding in this game.

The presentation is true to the Adult Swim stable of games with a cartoon style, and over the top humour. The game is polished both when it comes to graphics, and sound. Overall it is a great experience, but I would have liked an option to turn off the gore to allow my kids to play it.

Extinction Squad is a simple game fleshed out into a fun, and quite addictive experience. When the game ends it is still easy to call it a day, and I would like to be able to start at a much higher level of difficulty instead of from the beginning. It might not be the best title in the Adult Swim stable, but that just shows how the quality has evolved for this publisher.

Final Rating


Extinction Squad $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.5
Seller: Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

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