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Now this is a world is serious trouble with asteroids in direct course of impact. Thankfully this is a version of Earth that focused all recourses on building interstellar missiles. In unlimited supply you are free to fire as many missiles you need, but there are even more asteroids and rubble out there. The universe is infinite, and for some reason it has chosen to spew deadly asteroids straight into the Earth. You have to stall for time to allow as many as possible to be safely evacuated.

e2Eve of Impact is a take on the classic Missile Command formula. Where it differs is in the point of view. Instead of defending a section of a planet you defend the entire planet from a complete 360-degree perspective. Asteroids approach from all directions, and you get a proximity warning letting you know where it will approach. Firing missiles to either destroy, or change path of the asteroids is your mission. It is a fairly simple task, but it does get more and more complex. Quick decisions are needed, and often it is much better to change paths instead of trying to blow them up. At times the debris of destroyed asteroids is much more harmful than the actual asteroid.

The controls are all touch based, and to send a missile you simply tap the screen. Swiping across the screen lets you see space around your planet, and this is something I had to find out for myself. At first I was annoyed at the small rectangular slice of space I was able to see. Out of anger that asteroids along the long sides of the phone emerged with only a few seconds to divert I started to swipe the screen. It worked, and opened up the gameplay quite a bit. It is still important to keep the planet in close vicinity, as not to get lost. Finally there is a shield blast you can use by tapping, and holding on the planet. This removes a large chunk of the shield, but it recharges over time.

The gameplay in Eve of Impact is quick, and initially quite fun. After a couple of retries the game starts to feel old, and repetitive. With only local leaderboards, and no achievements there is little reason to replay the game. Game Center integration is promised in a future update, but I find it really sloppy to release the game unfinished. For those who bought, and played the initial version Eve of Impact will be forgotten once the 1.1 update hits.

e3The strong aspect of the Eve of Impact is the beautiful barren representation of space. The planet feels lonely, and highly vulnerable. The asteroids, and impacts of missiles are well animated against the darkness of space. The music is also quite good in setting up the scene of desperation for mankind.

Eve of Impact is a great looking view of a bleak future for mankind where the universe is falling apart. Sadly the game is quite shallow with only one survival game mode, no online leaderboards or achievements. To me this is a shame, as the gameplay in itself infuses new life in the classic Missile Command formula. My advice is to hold off until the iTunes description says version 1.1, and that Game Center support has been added.

Final Rating


Eve of Impact $0.99
Version: 1.o
Seller: H.J.F Schennink

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