Evacuation review

Evacuation is an action puzzler set on a spaceship overrun with evil aliens. You are responsible for the survival of the crew who are stuck in different holds. The holds or cells all have a number of doors that you can open. The doors are colour coded and if you open one blue door you open all blue doors. To get rid of the aliens that have boarded the ship you have to open doors flushing them out into deep space. The challenge is to not let aliens eat crewmembers by getting stuck into the same cell. You also have to make sure not to flush crewmembers out into deep space by accident. If the captain of the ship is killed the game is over.

img_0590There is no story development but rather the game is just a high score romp. As long as you have some crew members alive you get to progress to the next level. You start with a limited number of crewmembers that increase in number if you do well. Once it gets harder, and your crew is slowly being sucked into space or eaten by aliens you won’t get any reinforcements. In the end you might have ten aliens blobbing around the ship, and only the captain is alive among the crew.

In the latest update the controls were somewhat adjusted making it easier to touch the desired door. Still tough I find it hard hitting the door I want of placing the flag where I want it. The flag is a signal to crewmembers to gather around, and if the doors are open all the way to the flag they will walk there. This makes it quite hard if you want to place a flag and instead open the wrong door accidentally killing crew or leading the aliens the wrong way. I don’t consider my fingers to be that fat.

img_0588Graphically Evacuation looks really retro, and sadly dated as well. There are retro graphics that really work, and those that don’t. Crewmembers and aliens have really limited animations as they move along.

The music is quite nice chiptune stuff that suits the game well. Sound effects of doors open and closing are ok as well as the small bleep screams as crewmembers get eaten or flushed out into space.

Evacuation is actually quite fun in short bursts. The lack of game modes is too evident; there is only one mode. The only high score registered is found at the top of the screen at all times. It would have been nice to have a high score list where you could enter your initials at least.

Final Rating



Evacuation is a fun little puzzler that suffers from lack of content, some control issues and bad high score implementation. Despite the low score it might be worth checking out for a buck if you can live with the mentioned flaws.

Evacuation $0.99

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