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Your heart is about to explode, and it is not from love. Some sadistic maniac has placed a device capable of erasing your heartbeat. Locked inside a room you have a limited time to escape before death closes the door on your life permanently. Your last moments are spent with weird puzzles, wicked tormentors, and IAP hints.

Escape the Room 2 is a touch controlled escape puzzle game. You get a room with one or more closed exits, and a limited time to get out. Puzzles range from calculating and entering numbers to mixing objects to create something usable. The controls let you choose an action such as look, interact and move.

img_2024The inventory is an important part of the game. Detailed information, and the ability to mix items, as well as disassemble when you need to. I found the inventory to be hard to use properly, as you have to switch view to select a new item for mixing. Most of the items lack any interesting descriptions at all.

The puzzles in the game are quite good, if you manage to find them. At times it is hard to get the game to properly register my search for interaction spots. Some of the puzzles also demand knowledge that I am unaware of from a cultural point of view. For example the number of players in a baseball team is something that I had to look up to answer.

My biggest issues with the game are the time limit, and the poor text work. I hate being pressured when trying to complete logical puzzles, and as you have to replay the entire level if you die it gets tiresome. You can save your game at any time, but often I have been too slow to the point I have saved that I need to replay the entire level anyway. img_2025I would really liked to see a casual setting without the time constraint. Sure that would detract from the suspense of escaping before you die, but rather less suspense if it means that I will want to play the game. The second issue I have is with the poor translations, and the lack of proper fitting sentences and words. Words are cut off when too long, and it looks wonky. Immersion is hard when I get constantly annoyed at text be
ing cut off as I try to get any pr
oper idea about what the story is tr
ying to tell me.

The presentation is not that great looking slightly dated and low resolution. It is hard to see possible points of interaction, and this affects the gameplay. The inventory is quite ugly, and items lacking in detail. The music is ok, although a tad boring. The game fades out your own music. I would have liked to have some voice acting to make the characters more animated.

There are a variety of different hints available to buy as In App Purchases. You can also find a couple of these within the game. I am not a fan of this kind of solution when I get stuck in a game. I have not even used the free hints, and rather poke around different forums when stuck in a room.

img_2023Escape the Room 2 is an intriguing escape puzzler with a good atmosphere. If you are a fan of the Saw movies series you will probably enjoy the setting quite a lot. The story, and characters might be confusing but the premise is simple to grasp: escape or die. Lacklustre presentation, and IAP hints draw the final rating down for me. On the positive we have a quite long game life due to the level of challenge, and ample content. I hope to see more work on the presentation for other ports of games from the Escape the Room series. If you want to experience room escape games this is still the way to go right after Mystery Mania and  iEscaper!.

Final Rating


Escape the Room 2 $4.99
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: SK Telecom / Nate Games

Escape the Room 2 Lite

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