Enigmo Review

Review by Dave LeClair

Enigmo is an interesting new take on puzzle games for the iPhone by Pangea Software. It features a simple, yet addictive concept that’s easy to understand, and very challenging to master. It offers some pretty addictive game play, that puzzle gamers will absolutely enjoy.

The objective of Enigmo is simply to get streams of flowing liquid from one point to another, using a combination of bumpers, sliders and other paraphernalia supplied to you in the the level. While it sounds easy, it can become very complex in the later of the 50 levels. You start with a certain score at the top of the screen, and the longer it takes you to complete the level the more points you lose from that score, all the way down to zero. Don’t worry though, if it reaches zero, you can still complete the puzzle, you just won’t gain any points for your efforts.

Enigmo features very well realised 3D looking environments that play out in a 2d plane. There’s nothing in the visuals that will completely blow you away, but that’s not to say the game doesn’t look good, it’s just not mind blowing.

The thing that sets the game apart are the physics. The water droplets flow and move in a very realistic and functional way. Basically, they bounce, slide and move exactly how you would expect them to. I never found myself thinking that I wished the drops would behave differently, the physics in the game just flat out work, which is extremely impressive for any type of mobile game.

The sounds in the game are good, but not perfect. The sound of the liquid moving around can become kind of annoying after a while, and some backround music would have been nice. The water does however sound very realistic, and if you’ve had a lot to drink, it may send you running to the restroom after a little while playing the game.  

The most important, and most looked at aspect of an iPhone game are always going to be the contols. When a new platform such as the iPhone comes into the gaming arena, the way it controls are always going to be looked at with a magnifying glass, and to that point, Enigmo’s contols are not bad. Its all touch based, in that you pick your peice and move it to where you want. You then fine tune the peice, by rotating it and making small movments to get it to move the droplets exactly how you want. The problem I had with it is that a lot of times when I tried to rotate the peice it would move and when I wanted to move it, it would rotate. Using multi-touch to zoom in the peice did help a little but it still didn’t feel as precise as I may have liked it to be.

One place where Enigmo really shines is with the amount of time you can spend playing it. The games comes packed in with 50 challeneing levels, and feature a slew of levels made by the community that you can download. All level packs are made using the Windows and Mac version of the game. Levels are then submitted to Pangea and if they are approved are put on the iPhone version of the game. WIth the amount of levels available it would be tough to get bored with Enigmo.

Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent with Enigmo. It does have some flaws, but it’s innovative gameplaym good looking graphics, and tons of levels make up for it. If you love puzzle games, and are sick of the same old moving blocks around, Enigmo is definatly worth checking out. Pangea is having a sale on all their games, so for only $4.99, it’s a steal.

Presentation & Graphics: 8

Good looking 3d graphics, and a nice art style make this one a pleasure to look at.


Sound: 7

The water droplets sound very realistic, but can become annoying over time. Backround music would be nice also.


Gameplay: 9

Very addictive puzzle gameplay. The physics are incredibly realistic, and the puzzles become very challenging.


Game life:  9

Lots of downloadable levels and the addictive nature of the puzzles make this a keeper.


Game rating: 8

Final Word:

Enigmo is an fun and addictive puzzle game that is worth playing. The contols can be a little inacurate at times, but the graphics and physics make up for it. A must buy for any puzzle fan and it is available to buy here.

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  • Pat Dunn

    This game is excellent especially after the price was reduced to only $1.99! Great price. There are tons of extra levels which makes this game have high replay value and it’s cool because there are like 5 slots where you can save your game. However it gets very hard very fast. Level 8 took me a while and now I’m stuck on 13. =( Help. Me.