ElfRun quick review

Looking at the AppStore right now it seems inundated with christmas themed games. Thankfully Christmas only comes once a year but if we must play one themed game then ElfRun from DOSO is a Christmas cracker among all the shovelware.

Santa has taken on too much this year, and while on  his deliveries he’s dropping gifts out of his sled left, right and centre. Luckily as an Elf, you are here to save the day, and deliver the dropped gifts to all the good little boys and girls.

You control the Elf’s left to right movement by tilting your iPhone as he runs down the snow covered streets. When you come across a parcel, the elf will pick it up. Each parcel is a certain colour and you must deliver it into the matching coloured window. You do this by flicking the parcel towards the correct window. Each level has a set quota of deliveries you must fill in order to progress. It’s pretty easy to begin with but it gets tricky when the elf is carrying multiple coloured parcels with ice and other obstacles in his path.


Presentation and graphics

A lot of work has gone into the presentation including an endearing FMV intro featuring cute elf. The in game 3D graphics, while low in polygons and texture quality, fit the theme well (think DS quality). My only gripe is the frame rate can chug now and again, and this can affect control response.


The music is great, with a Danny Elfman feel to it. The sound effects are good too.


It’s a simple which lacks depth, but it is fun and later levels add some challenge. The framerate issues affect the controls though.



The levels are short, but it does have the pick-up-and-play factor in short bursts. You can also upload your scores to the ElfRun website to challenge friends


Game rating

ElfRun is a charming little game for the holiday season. Probably not deep or engaging enough for the hardcore, but for casual gamers and especially kids. This game may grace your iPhone homescreen for the next few weeks or two. At a reasonable $2.99 it will make a good stocking filler.

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