ElectroCUTE Quick Review

Review by Matt Dunn

ElectroCUTE takes a funny concept and turns it into an extremely playable and fast-paced arcade-style game. The goal is, using two fingers to create electrical bolts, to destroy alien saucers as they try to abduct your sheep! Crazy? It is!

This game should have been called CyberShepherd 3000 ;)

This game should have been called CyberShepherd 3000 ;)

Presentation & Graphics

Background is great, as is the animation for abducting. The rest of the graphics are pretty standard though. I also ran into some graphical oddities, like sheep glitching back and forth in place, several times.


Sound is basic and repetitive, but not necessarily bad. No background music.


Zapping flying saucers while avoiding sheep is addictive! The more aliens you zap with one bolt, the more points you get. I had an issue when the ships got close to the edges of the screen, making it impossible to form an electric bolt using two fingers. I also had the game quit on me a couple times in later levels where there’s a lot going on. Other than that, gameplay is sharp and fast, and the power-ups add a nice twist to the game.

Game life:

Like Pinch n Pop, ElectroCUTE has only one game mode, and that’s it. It is purely for quick games while you’re waiting somewhere. This is a great little game to keep around for such occasions, but there’s not any depth to it, which means you may or may not loose interest. In definite need of different modes of play, more enemies, possibly electricity power-ups, etc.

Game rating:

Final word:

ElectroCUTE is another good pickup-and-play arcade game for the iPhone. It’s got intuitive controls, and some fun and addictive fast-paced gameplay. Unfortunately, there’s not enough in the game to be offering it at the current $3.99 price tag. This game is a great concept, and definitely fun in quick sessions, but is one of many games that can get old fast with only one thing to do in the game.

NOTE: This game has been significantly updated since this review. Click here for more info!

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