Eggvolution Review

Eggs, eggs, eggs; it’s all about eggs. Whether it is an alien egg, a crab egg, or even a pterodactyl egg, this game will make you scramble (pun intended) to catch every egg you ever see, EVER! Read on for the full review…

Eggvolution, by Ongoz SpA, is fast paced, egg-catching game that requires the player to catch falling eggs for one round, and then avoid bad eggs the next round. There are two difficulty levels that offer an easier and harder game play of 7 different stages, each of which have 2 rounds. These 7 stages all have a different creature dropping eggs specific to that creature that must be caught by the player’s “paddle,” which also changes based on the stage.

img_0888There are also “special” eggs that either help or hinder the player. A golden egg gives the player and extra life, while a poison egg removes a chunk of the progress bar or 100 points, depending on if you are playing Arcade mode or “story” mode. There is also a mystery egg that either extends or shrinks your bar for a short period of time. As the levels progress, the creatures mentioned earlier start dropping eggs much quicker, and in much trickier manners.

Once a certain amount of eggs are caught, the creature is defeated and round two starts!

In this round, the player must carefully avoid black eggs that will destroy your paddle and reset that round after three bad eggs are caught. If you are successful in avoiding almost certain doom, you once again defeat the creature and move to the next stage.

The sound in Eggvolution is cute for a few rounds, and then just gets annoying, mainly because the music and sounds

Black balls = BAD

Black balls = BAD

are the same for each stage, and each round. There are a minimal number of sounds that are mediocre at best. It does allow for iTunes to play while in game.  The visuals of the game are well done but are not really anything special. To plug my own review, the visuals are almost identical to that of “Sneezies”, just quicker. However the main interface screens are well done and have neat effects.

A definite play-n-toss game, it has its 20 or so minutes of fun, but doesn’t really have any replay value. For .99 it is worth getting if you have nothing better to do, but not worth getting if you want something that you can replay and replay and still have fun. A very simple game that has its fun, and then it’s Dunn.


Eggvolution $.99

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    Angry birds is awesome, at the same price.

  • Pat Dunn

    BTW this game just released an update with OpenFeint and leader-boards and stuff.